Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today I smile because...

  • I spent minutes trying to mop my own shadow out of the tiles.
  • Magoo thinks that my Irish family live on the "Ireland of Sodor" with Thomas and his friends.
  • The sun is shining again instead of sending his imposter cousin 'humidity' to sweat us up.
  • So far, I can run 25km without actually dying.
  • My boys and I are Borneo-bound this month.
  • I am off to a 'Burlesque' party and I don't really do sexy.
  • I have some of the most amazing friends ever.
  • Hubby is a completely different person when he has the on-call phone for work every few weeks. I'm mean. It gives me a kick to see my super chilled man experience a small taste of stress!
  • I also get to play 'sechetaries' when he leaves it behind and it rings.
  • Hubby passes the phone on tomorrow and we can have him back.
  • 'The biggest Loser' is shaping up to a beauty!
  • These Summer holidays have been beautiful and refreshing - filled with all my favourites in life.
  • I have matching stationary and accessories to begin the school year.
  • Magoo looks beyond cute as he masters his "cooter". Even if it does take 22 mins to get to the park around the corner.
  • These are the trivial, silly things that are our current life. No dramas, no loss, no real (whinge worthy) problems. So blessed right now.
  • My parents paid good money for these straight teeth!


Louise said...

Shar! I keep meaning to comment but keep doing it in my head instead of actually writing it down :) I love that you started a blog, it makes me feel not so far away! Brace yourself for extreme comment overload...

...and you DO do sexy!! You know it ;)

rncalnon said...

:) xxxx