Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Hands At Work

I could watch little hands do their work all day.
Actually - I did as a full time teacher and I do as a Mum.

Those little pudgy fingers, the uncoordinated grasp, the clever way they master the everyday tasks we take for granted.


I love watching a babe figure it out. It's awesome to see them instinctively learn how best to use these appendages hanging off their arms. It's hilarious to see them experiment and amaze themselves. It's also a tad frustrating cleaning up all the 'experimentation'.

I just adore the feel of little fingers around mine, around my neck, messing up my hair and trying to rub my feet like Daddy does.
I love watching them fumble and adjust, then that smile when they get it.
I also love that tongue that comes into play when kids concentrate really hard.
They're great entertainment value - these children and their little hands.
Hands that make the most valuable gifts and can heal the biggest hurts.


On a professional note - one of the most fantastic PDs I ever attended was a Sloan & Kemp (champions of early childhood) course called "Getting Little Hands Working".
Very worthwhile.

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duchess_declutter said...

Lovely photos of little Magoo and those cute little hands. Natural instinct is just amazing isn't it. Wish that I had a blog when my boy was this age - it's a great way to document every step. Enjoy.