Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australians All...

 Australia Day is my absolute. stand. out. favourite.
day. of. the. year.
(or "Astaya Day" as Magoo calls it)
I'm not entirely sure why I adore this particular day..
I'm Irish born, but consider myself Aussie bred, really.
I've lived here since I was 8 years old and call Australia home.
I became an Australian citizen on Australia Day in 1989 and maybe that was the beginning of this love affair with January 26th and all that comes with it..

We like to have a little par-tay at our place each year - probably because I loove all the silly, crappy, cheap ass Aussie paraphanelia and can feel completely free to indulge this pathetic fetish in my own home!
Unfortunately, last year our backyard looked like this and didn't really lend itself to entertaining :  
Bah, bah! Jan 2010 - not so inviting
A year of hard work later and it sure does:

Jan 2011 - much cosier! 
So, par-tay we did. With lots of our favourite people and lots of the crappy stuff.
We had a blissful day of chilling, eating, drinking and watching the little people run amuck.
 On days like today, I get all mushed up (it's not just the woine) and can't help but feel so super lucky.
Lucky to live in this sun soaked, beach bordered country.
Lucky to have my gorgeous boys and a fantastic bunch of friends to celebrate with.

Sure, there would be lots of fabulous things, people and surgical enhancements that would improve my 'lot in life' - but I'm doing just fine, thank you.

"Happiness is not having all that you want.
Happiness is wanting all that you have."
And I really want all this - even this over tired toddler who has shovelled sugar into his face all day and is now waking up every forty minutes to share his pain.

Hope you had a brilliant Australia Day.


Duchess said...

It certainly looks like a great place for an Australia Day party! We had a very hot one in Brisbane - payback time after all the rain. Love the before and after photos of the pool area - looks great.

Duchess said...

PS - I'm just venturing into blogland myself..after a lot of years of reading other peoples! Not sure how exactly I happened onto yours, but I liked it. Cheers Wendy