Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running and Other Drugs

I have always run.
I was a cross country runner at school.
I've run for fitness (and food) most of my adult life - but I never called myself a 'runner'.
I always stuck to the safe distances of 10km or under and the 12km City To Surf was my own personal marathon.

Then I fell in with the wrong crowd...and now I'm a running junkie.
 I joined a running group almost a year ago and my addiction is spiralling.
I joined this free, friendly group because I missed my gym buddies post-child and wanted something for me once I emerged from the fog of baby bliss, ill health and other fun stuff.

I've always had a handle on my running.
Once I saw those two beautiful, blue lines my running life stopped.
And I really didn't care  - for at least a year.
No endorphin cravings, no getting up at ridiculous hours to get my fix, no throwing wads of money at Asics to fuel my need.

But this sordid,(charitable, gorgeous) bunch of runners I have been associating with have exposed me to an underworld of distances, events and challenges.

I've shaved almost 7 whole minutes off my 10km time since I began running with them and have run a PB in every 6 week time trial. And I want more!!
(See, I even say things like "PB" now!)

It started with the 'HBF Run For A Reason' - 14km was unchartered waters for me. But I made it. In good time. And raised lots of $$ for a great charity.
So I wanted a bigger rush.
A Half Marathon - 21km -  was next. Why not. They're all doing it!
Now that I have that distance under my belt, I want more.

So, my next hit is a marathon.
Oh, my parents would be horrified!!
(Not true, my Dad had run a few marathons before we kids stole his identity)
Never mind that I haven't even come close to running that distance before -
the Perth Marathon is calling my name.
I've started building my distances and ran a comfortable 25km on the weekend
(if you call diving into the pool still clothed straight after, comfortable).

So, with four months and lots of encouraging, mad, running buddies and a super understanding, very competitive hubby to keep me motivated - who knows what's possible??!

Hopefully 42.2km, that's what.

There is always one terrible step further than my goal - ultra marathons - 75 & 100kms.
But I think that's like the heroin of the running world.
I won't be going near that seedy, dangerous place of no return.

As for the other drugs, I'm not really that interested!
I do love a glass of, but my control freak nature wouldn't take kindly to anything upsetting the delicate balance between really, really organised and just plain neurotic.

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