Monday, January 24, 2011

Independence Days

Young Mr. Magoo is all of two years old.
Yes, he is our "rockstar" and "champion".
He is constantly "awesome" and "gorgeous".
But he is two.

Apparently not this week.

This is the week of "Mama, no help."  The week of "I do it".  The week of "I sing, no join in." The week of "no hold hands Mummy."
The week of I'll just help myself to what I want from the pantry. The week of I'll just put unfinished food in the bin. The week of I'll unlock and run straight out the front door to greet the neighbours. The week of I'll just change my own dirty nappy while you tune out for all of three minutes to blow dry your hair. And not too successfully I might add.

And so it begins...

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