Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Booo - b

Just wondering...
Has Jessica Marais succumbed?

Has she had her breasts 'enhanced' or is that just some great bra action she's got going on?
I couldn't help but notice that she was filling that running top in a swell fashion last Tuesday night.
Then looked quite buxom at Carbo's engagement party too, no? (you know, on Tuesday night, when we were just hanging out, the Rafters and I) Then last night I was on  major 'boobwatch' duty. That little red cardigan couldn't fool me. I'm pretty convinced I'm seeing extra volume in that department.

If so, shame on you Jess!!
I would be so disappointed to think she conformed to the media spun images that dictate what's attractive. I think her appeal was that she was stunningly different from the usual. And that she dared to be fairly flat chested - on television of all places.

But, now with reports that's Jessica is leaving us for the U.S of A. , I guess it makes sense.
Hollywood = blonde hair + boobs = same as the rest.

Or maybe I'm just insanely, suspiciously jealous of this tall poppy making her way?!  I liked seeing someone whose body I could relate to on the screen - well, not that itsy bitsy waist of hers, but the 'less is more ' chest.


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Anonymous said...

definite boob job...sad to see another Aussie actress succumbing to the Hollywood "ideal"...