Monday, February 14, 2011

We Give Mums A Bad Name

I don't really go for all the commercial Valentines Day bit...
but I do go for a reason to have a glass of bubbly with the girls over a luscious lunch of birthday leftovers. :-)

Hubby and I were lucky enough to have a gorgeous date on the weekend and we did exchange cards and sweet nothings this morning. So, for the record, I did 'do' Valentines Day with my husband.

I also 'did' lunch with my besties and their children here today.
Being Valentines Day, we opted for some bubbles in the middle of the day, as you do.
(Only on special occasions, like ummm,Valentines, birthdays, Fridays?)

Today happened to be the day Hubby was inducting and training his replacement. He and 'the new guy' decided to pop in home for a lunch time toilet break and soft drink after being on the road for the morning.

Cue, three Mums enjoying champagne while four children play around them. We had fed the little people and were finally sitting down to our own meals, but I guess he didn't know that. We may have conveniently had Play School on the television and been drinking at midday, but hey, it is Valentine's Day!

I'm sure 'the new guy's' wife will be painted a pretty picture of my lifestyle when he gets home tonight.
But do these cherubs look neglected? (or affected by toddler alcohol syndrome)

It's days like today that I love being a mainly stay at home Mum!
And it's days like today that give us SAHMs a bit of a reputation in some circles.
Should I bother mentioning that I have played, shopped, cooked, cleaned, changed nappies, laundered, swept and plenty more today? Nah.

And thank you, Corinne, from The Daze Of My Life for this cute little tip too.

SMS your loves name and your own to 0437464646
They will send you an MMS of your names on
their flagship building in Melbourne.
 Happy Bubbles Day!
Shar xx

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