Friday, February 18, 2011

O Little Ol Lady

This morning when I woke a couple of minutes before the alarm as I do every day (my brain is neurotic - even in sleep), it was to a moan from inside my head.

That whinging little voice that said rubbish like "you're too tired to run, don't bother getting up, it's been a big week..." However, because I have also eaten like a piggery this week, I was up and out.

Even when my 'raring to run' up and leaves, I've always got the 'guilt of gluttony' to get me out the door.

Anyways, I was out running to the sound of that horrible little voice telling me that my legs were sore, that humidity sucks, that a marathon was impossible for me, that being back at work hurts physically,  yada yada yada...

When I looked up from my imaginary misery, I saw a gorgeous, bent little old Italian lady shuffling towards me with a walking frame, travelling at all of 0.00005 metres an hour. She pinched her little Italian fingers together, raised her hand and called out
"Ooh gul, so much, I wanna runna lika you"

Right, so that laid Negative Nancy in my head to rest.
Grateful Gerty piped up with reminders that I am so blessed to have a (mostly) cooperative body that gets me around this place, the opportunity to run, a happy home to run to and from, the support of loved ones and so much more.

So this morning I have swallowed my spoonful of concrete, hardened up and silenced that Nancy chick.  Thank you little old lady.

Here are some cool pictures I found this week while preparing a reflection for work:

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau

Happy Friday!

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