Monday, October 31, 2011

A Picture Of Hypocrisy

My name is Shar and I'm a fully fledged, self confessed hypocrite.
This is what my hypocrisy happened to look like today :
Hubby agreed to join some neighbours in celebrating Halloween and trick-or-treating this year.
I usually stock up on treats for the local kids, but am not a big fan of celebrating Halloween myself.
Whilst I wasn't going to be a total party pooper and stand up for my beliefs stop Magoo from joining in, I didn't feel comfortable with the whole thing.
I asked Hubby if he would accompany Magoo and the other kids 'cause trick-or-treat doesn't sit well with me - and told Magoo I'd prefer him to greet people with 'Happy Halloween' please!

A hypocrite and a coward - I'm quite the catch, really.

I feel that Halloween is an Americanised commercial occasion that is creeping into Australian culture for some unknown reason.
I feel that the whole premise of trick-or-treat is nasty and rude (as well as sugar loaded before bedtime!).

I feel that one look at this little pirate man all dressed up turned me to mush.
I pathetically grabbed the camera and followed his cute little self out the door and straight up the neighbour's drive!!!
Happy Halloween after all!!
Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, so cute! It is amazing how we are often forced to eat our own words as Mama's. Though I do tend to agree with you on the Halloween front. I don't see the need for it to come here either, but I've noticed it becoming bigger and more widespread every year. Oh well, eventually it will be a case of if we can't beat em, join em, here also.
Hope Magoo received some nice 'healthy' treats ;o) xo

Romina Garcia said...

Oh he's adorable!! Last night, much to the kids disappointment we only recieved one trick or treater. He was a chubby pre teen wearing a Rabbitohs beanie. Although I'm not certain he knew it was Halloween. I think he just wanted lollies ;-)

Jane said...

Oh Shar, after reading my Halloween post, you'll know I'm of a like mind. I'm *slowly* being turned! J x

Miss Mandy said...

Oh Shar, who cares how it got here,it's here and it's fun, that's all that has to matter.
and yeah our kids will eat crap, but as long as it's not everyday that's ok.
we've really enjoyed celebrating halloween. hope you enjoyed yourself too.

Thea said...

Oh gawd!!
You are too funny and I can relate to everything you say way too much!

Posie Patchwork said...

He's so cute, i hear you, like Valentine's Day etc. We didn't have any door knockers or anything to give them either, win win. Love Posie

Peggy said...

If it's fun for Magoo and it makes you smile who cares about tradition! I mean look, seriously, how adorable is he!

Happy Halloween! ;)

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Aw, that was one CUTE little pirate you got there, Shar! Happy Halloween to you and your family xoxo

Kirst said...

I COMPLETELY agree with your stance on Halloween (in fact I blogged about it the other day myself) and am just as much of a hypocrite.

So hear! hear! to us as hypocrites, and allowing ourselves to jump off our soapboxes for a moment so our kids can have a little fun.

K xx