Monday, August 13, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

There's nothing like the last weeks of pregnancy to get you in touch with our friends of the animal kingdom.

Right now I'm...

waddling like a duck,
eating like a pig,
feeling like a hippo,
feathering my nest like a bird,
sporting the cheeks of a bullfrog and the patience of a gnat.


clucky like a chook,
protective like a mama bear,
wide eyed in the night like an owl,
swimming like a turtle (a turtle with an unfortunate injury even)
and have the short term memory of a goldfish.

Hubby would probably like to add that at times I'm bearing a striking resemblance to a female dog.
But like an ostrich, I'll just keep my head in the sand on that one.

It's some comfort to know that very shortly I'll leave many of these creature features behind 
- only to adopt the role of a haggard dairy cow for a while.

You feeling particularly feral at the moment?

Sharrrrrrr :-)


Kate Sins said...

Hahaha, you are so clever. No, feeling okay at the moment but I don't have a pregnant body to contend with. I hope that although you're feeling very...late-stage-pregnancy, you're feeling well. Hopefully finishing work will help to ease some of the discomfort!? xx

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

oooh getting closer! xx

Anonymous said...

Ha! So clever Sha! Love it! I'm a dairy cow as I read this... Feeding my little man now... Hmmm, I've been a dairy cow now for 17 months... Yikes ... That's a long time in cow years!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oops... Forgot to say love Lei Lei in the above comment post xxx L

Jane said...

I love your take on life, Shar. You always make me smile. Have you packed your bag yet? J x

Anonymous said...

Did you say dairy cow????? Mooooooooooo. Louise

Leesa @ loveteaandme said...

So funny!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh this is such a clever post Shar, I love it and was laughing through the whole thing.
We are more like our animal friends than we even realise. And I think pregnancy only heightens those similarities... as you so eloquently put it ;)
Love the Sharrrrrr signing off too! xoxo
How cute is Magoo!!