Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whether The Weather

One of those notorious  - and pretty boring - fallback polite topics of conversation is the weather.
So, I guess that makes a weather watcher like me pretty boring too.

I don't necessarily like to discuss the weather constantly - although I have been heard to make a number of planny plans for when the 'Summer weather' arrives and we haven't actually reached Spring yet.

I don't even particularly understand a lot of the weather conditions and terminology.

I just LOVE to check the weather.
Maybe it's another one of those 'control' things I've got going on.
No rogue storm is going to catch me  - or my washing - unawares!
Name a day this week and I can tell you the forecast without hesitation.

I'm always checking the BOM website religiously and it's first in my bank of 'favourites' tabs.
The Elders 28 Rainfall Chart is on my regular hit list (only a medium probability of rain for Magoo's birthday party at two and a half weeks out) and I'm loving myself some www.weatherzone.com too.

Be still my beating heart :-)
I like to plan my exercise and wardrobe dependant on the weather. To be prepared like a good boy scout.
I get excited at the prospect of bright mornings, sunny days and balmy evenings - and get disgruntled when 'they' get it all wrong.

I'm definitely a believer in 'Seasonally Affected Disorder' and feel that people's moods are often affected by the weather.
I find it very hard to be down and out when the sun is shining - but am much less inclined to hang about chatting if my feet are cold thank you very much.

However, last weekend we had a family photo shoot booked.
As the end of the week approached, the forecast was becoming dodgier and dodgier - until the day itself saw a severe weather warning issued and torrential downpours.
After to and fro-ing with the photographer for a couple of days, a last minute decision was made to brave the weather with boots and brollies anyway.
All that weather watching to go right ahead regardless!

For the record, we had an absolute ball in the wind and rain.
The actual shots? Well, we'll see!

You a weather nerd?
Couldn't care less?

Shar :-)


Lisa said...

I am the same, I find myself constantly checking weatherzone on my phone! Definitely could be control related for me! My husband doesn't check the weather any more, he just asks me ;)

Anonymous said...

For my wedding I checked the BOM website to see the previous 10 years of November 19ths for the chance of bad weather. Louise

Hi, I'm Mel said...

No point checking it down here - 4 seasons in one day is a given most days :-D

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

I bet the shots are great! I need to know the next day's weather forecast before I go to bed. Not sure why, just do! And my husband is obsessed with checking the dam levels...! Haha! x

Kate Sins said...

Never check the weather and always get caught in inappropriate clothing...SIGH. I think it's a sign of being grown up, or not in my case.

Haha, yes the rain can be so much fun! I bet the shots are wonderful.

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Yep weather obsessed as well, need to know the daily temps and nightly temps, wind driection and knots, size of surf and a weeks forecast...but I am the planning type.x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, I am a TOTAL weather nerd also. And I do seem to let it dictate my moods to a certain extent also. It reached 30 degrees here today & hubby had a rare day off work, so we made the most of the beach, glorious! Fingers crossed for Magoo's party & I would love to see some of those photoshoot pics, bet they turn out beautifully xo

Clare Kennedy said...

Haha I'm a fellow weather nerd too!
I'm just hanging out for spring to come around, a bit over this winter weather!!