Friday, August 10, 2012

Grateful For... Goodbye...For Now

Today was my last day of (paid!) teaching - for 2012 anyway.

As much as I absolutely love my part time role and the super special school community I'm part of -
this heavily preggo (emphasis on the heavy) body does not.

My aching back tells me it's had enough of small people, desks and chairs -  all that bending and squatting.

My throbbing feet tell me they are over shoes that aren't soft, fluffy or able to be showered in.

My pounding head tells me that although their little voices are oh so sweet -  it's sore from hearing at least thirty of them in succession or even all at once.

My heavy eyes tell me that while 8 hours in a working day isn't an eternity
- it's a long time to be switched on at this stage of the game.

I'm so very grateful to take maternity leave today.
My back, feet, head and eyes second, third, fourth and fifth that motion.

I'm grateful to have thoroughly enjoyed the job I'm vacating and for the possibility of returning to a similar role at some point too.

The countdown begins! (Or continues, if i'm honest!)

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Shar :-)


Sim said...

As one teacher to another I can appreciate this! Although it has been a while since I have thrown in my mummy hat and put on my teacher hat, I remember being pregnant while teaching Yr 2 and it was full on! Enjoy the days ahead of you!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh YAY, now you can truly exhale Shar. I still distinctly remember that sense of relief on my last day of work before maternity leave... with both pregnancies. Because I swelled so much with both boys, those last few weeks of work really were a struggle.
Hope you can do a bit of relaxation and treating yourself until bubs decides to make an appearance... and not too early bubs either, do you hear me!?
Looks like a lovely arrangement you received too... baby pressies are just the sweetest xoxo

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Yay!! Time to really relax now! Such a precious time! Thinking of you Shar! x

Cherie @ raising master Max said...



& it's time to put those feet up sweetheart :)


Bachelor Mum said...

Very very exciting. I'm sure the kids will miss u. I hope it all goes really well x

Lisa H said...

oh yay! Congrats on the end of a chapter, and all the very best for the coming addition to your family! xx

Seana Smith said...

Time to reeellaaaaaaxxxx as much as you can, give your body time and ease... as much as you can. Teaching must be so, so demanding in every way, I'm always astounded by my kids teachers and so, so grateful for their humour and their energy.

Take it easy!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on making it this far!! I hope that the next bit goes just as well!

Julie said...

Relax, unwind and enjoy some quiet time before bubba comes along!

I'm visiting from the Grateful linky :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh darling, happy last day & truly focusing on your family now. I worked full time until i had my second (& third, with twins, working with them in my belly was no easy feat) & skipped out of there knowing i was never going to return. Kind of helped that we were leaving Darwin for Sydney months later & my job was made redundant after i left. I had to buy my own farewell gift too, ha!! Yes, i worked in the oil industry with men only. Have a blast, happiest time of my life having a toddler & new baby (babies) - i'll relive it via you, love Posie

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

Congrats! Enjoy these last few weeks before cubs comes. Do all the things you have been putting off and try to unwind a little... hectic times await :) hehe xx

Miss Mandy said...

how exciting, finishing work is always a great sign this is really happening.

Jane said...

Yippee! Now we're getting to the business end ☺. J x

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

Congrats on making it as far as you have. I remember teaching while preggas with Pebble, in junior primary classroom with all those tiny chairs and desks and tiny demanding people. I made it to seven months pregnant and working, before thankfully it was Christmas holidays, so I got to finish the year with my class. How's that for timing!?
It certainly is hard yakka though.

Lisa@RandomActsOfZen said...

Sounds like you're ready for a break! Enjoy the time before your bub arrives x

Maxabella said...

You're officially sprung!

Good luck!

Enjoy these last couple of weeks without work and without new bubba. You KNOW you need to!