Friday, June 24, 2011

Grateful for ... Security

No, not the financial kind. Nor the emotional.

Home security of this form :

Was all set to crop out that well worn welcome mat.
Until I realised that I love what it symbolises.
 Welcome - as long as you're not contemplating criminal activity
(previous convictions for minor tax evasion and smoking a little something can be negotiated, I guess.)

And this form :

Jack the (excitable) wonder dog
We live in a 'lovely' area. Until we are voted off the island anyway.
In a cul de sac where we all see one another's comings and goings.
We know each other's business and pretend not to hear each other's door slamming.

We're in a security comfort zone - almost forgetting the big bad world beyond our street.
We duck across the road for a play, a chat, a cuppa and leave the door unlocked - or wide open if we're being truthful.

This week the big bad world came in and huffed and puffed.
A dodgy looking door knocker, followed twenty minutes later by the police in search of said dodgy looking door knocker had me rethinking the 'door wide open' policy we subscribe to here in Narnia.

Of course, Hubby (and his manly, protective, testosterone presence) left for greener pastures the very next day.

Granted, Magoo and I can be a scary duo - with our banshee like tantrums and overthinking, overtalking tendencies - but nonetheless I'm grateful for our locks, screen door and trusty companion.

I'd love to be grateful for this also:
Alas, it was installed four months ago, but never connected.
The technician hit a 'trouble' spot in the programming and left - to return at a time yet to be determined, obviously.
The not-so-great side to Hubby's 'mates rates' arrangements.

Playing along with Maxabella Loves - I'm Grateful For...

Shar :-)


Vicky said...

I'm glad that I was able to lighten your heart with my own gratitude post...

sad though that your little piece of Narnia had been infiltrated by trolls...

how rude to be pulled back into reality from such a lovely haven. damn trolls

yaga said...

I think it's sad that a few horrible people can sour all that nice neighbourhood and hospitality experience when they decide to show up. But I guess that's how the world works, it's always a sensible balance between the fun and risky and the nice and secure side.
have a great weekend!

Emma said...

Such a shame when a safe, neighbourly feeling is ruined.
We're fortunate to live in a fairly safe, quiet part of town too. Other locals talk about crime and break-ins, but (touch wood) we have never experienced it. Our dogs would have something to say should anyone ever try anything, too!

Tara @ Mum-ments said...

Its a horrible day when you have to rethink feeling comfortable in your own home :(
Hope they caught yucky man and that you will get your happy door wide open feeling back

Maxabella said...

Don't let a random event like that destroy the peace and contentment you feel in your suburb. You can't live on a 'what if' and all the doors in the world can't keep the baddies away.

That said, I'm grateful for security in ALL it's forms. I just try to 'set and forget'!!! x

Kirsty said...

Not a nice reminder of the seedier side of life, is it? But nothing was taken and you certainly seem to have all the security aspects have to be thankful for that!