Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Ode To Dumper Friends

I think most of us have one of 'those' cherished friends.
The best kind, really.
The ones who quite appropriately gift you the fridge magnet stating
"You'll always be my friend... You know too much."

I feel for my dumper friend.
She's the (un)lucky one who receives those unedited, not a moment's hesitation texts full of blasphemy and rage - that are really directed at someone else, but sent to her so that I can vent without suffering any repercussions.

She also the one who knows a remorseful, ten-deep-breaths-later follow up call, text, card or gift is imminent.

She's (un)fortunate enough to know way too much about Hubby, my family, work, my post baby body and Magoo..
But, it's okay because she'll love (tolerate) them all anyway. Defend them even!

The Dumper friend is the one who contends with all the to-ing and fro-ing.
The one who knows all the options considered and every thought process that leads to a decsion.
Dumper friends know that a light hearted phone message about trying again later means "Call me back. Now. I need you. Quick."
The person who it's okay to forego the niceties with and start a conversation with "What the _________..." or "Hey, am I overeacting_________...?"

Thankfully, it's a two way street.
It warms the cockles of my heart to hear my dumper friend say
"I was going to clean up/cook,/vacuum/shower,/dress/brush my hair, then I remembered it was just you."
Is there a bigger, sweeter compliment than that?
Or the rescue call you get immediately after the stuff has hit the fan.
Or while it's still flying around the place.
Talking through crises and decisions, talking down panic attacks, talking up the positives, laughing at all the rest.

Dump and let dump!
Do you dump on a particular one or two in your life?


In celebration of dumper friends I'm releasing whole range of construction machinery themed friends.
As well as the
Dumper friend - who you dump all your baggage, problems, issues, frustrations, celebrations and trivial bits on - in the healthiest sense of the word,
there are;
Forklift friends - those who lift you up when you require it,
Crane friends - who share the highs and hang around as long as you need,
Excavator friends - who can dig deep and get you dishing the dirt,
Loader friends - those who take dumping too far and load every last insecurity, problem or issue on you and make them your fault,
Mixer friends - those who stir trouble for the fun of it - beware,
Roller friends - who steam roll you with their opinions, views, beliefs, advice,
Tractor friends - who always pitch in, lend a hand and get the job done.

Most are appropriate for leaning on in times of trouble or making a big, happy mess with when the sun shines.

I shudder to think what kind of huge, old, dirty machine I am.
I do know I'm a tough, thirsty one though!!


MaidInAustralia said...

You've got to love your friends - particularly the ones who let you dump on them, know all your secrets, and love you anyway. As you say, it has to be a two-way street though! I try to make sure I'm there for my besties as much as they are for me!

Anonymous said...

And in following the above comment from MaidInAustralia you are very much a person who is there for everyone!