Monday, June 27, 2011

Point + Shoot : Couch Cuddles + Vacuum Kisses

Sunday 11.30am
This weekend was a lovely, slo-o-o-w beautiful.
In direct contrast to last weekend's crazy beautiful - it was much appreciated.

Magoo and I did lots of nothing and plenty all at the same time.
We -
  • watched the 'Our Patio Floods' show and turned the heater up!
  • took long walks and gave our mature aged puppy much needed exercise
  • got drizzled, sprinkled, rained and poured upon
  • jumped in the resulting puddles
  • played at parks and laughed at our wet butts
  • bubbled, kicked, splashed and paddled our hearts out at swimming lessons
  • turned a whole lot of pumpkin into a whole lot of soup
  • jigsaw puzzled and puzzled and puzzled some more
  • had ourselves a lovely  "babytuna" date
  • bought birthday gifts (and may have picked up a couple of pairs of shoes for good measure)
  • had a breakfast Skype with my gorgeous sis
  • selfishly made and ate pancakes while chatting her ear off
  • loooved (salivated over) the bumper toy catalogues far more than we should have
  • swept a million or so little unwelcome squirmy visitors off the patio
  • marvelled a being you-know-where this time last week and doing you-know-what
  • snuggled on the couch with The Muppets and our trackies
  • competed in vacuuming races and stole vacuum kisses
  • cooked a Sunday roast and enjoyed great company to share it with
  • tried not to miss Daddy too, too much

Which flavour of beautiful was your weekend?

Point + Shooting with Lou @ Sunny + Scout

Shar :-)


Bel said...

those toy catalogues are evil. Think I may have to make two lists, one for what I want (for my daughter) and one for what she actually wants.

Alex said...

I have to hit the toy catalogues...sometime. The thought of more toys to put away exhausts me!

By the way - AWESOME EFFORT for the marathon! Congratulations!

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Beautiful photos! looks like a lot of fun was had! :)

Anonymous said...

So very sweet!! x

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yay, i still zoom in on my son with those vacuum kisses, he's 7.5 & rolls his eyes but hey, i love him to pieces. Thanks for your comment on my name post, oh, Olivia is such a pretty name, sigh. I know a girlfriend who had the same thing, her mum said Victoria, her father filled in the paper work with Amanda. Then there is a father who filled in the paperwork for a boy named Worrick, as he didn't know it was meant ot be Warwick, this was the 1930s but still!! Love Posie

Mama of 2 boys said...

Looks like a jam packed weekend to me... full of lovely things too I might add!
My Mr3 has that vacuum, he loves it... WE don't so much ;o)
Gorgeous pics xo

Sascha at Toddlertastes said...

There is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with your little one. It sounds like you had the perfect weekend.

I love your blog.