Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear June

Dear June,

I feel I need to apologise if any offence was taken when you took me by surprise early this morning. I know your arrival has been imminent for months, but I was still taken aback to see you here so soon.

I see you have brought your partner Winter with you again.
I ran in the rain with him earlier.

Look, I know some people sing his praises and it's very unPC of me, but I just don't know what you see in him. He just seems to bring a bit of a 'dampner' to things, really. He pulls the reins on lots of fun activities and gets in the way. He certainly doesn't help at all with the laundry or any of the chores around this place.

He brings with him wet sneakers, muddy footprints and bugs galore. Winter brings the dreaded  'cooped-up-child syndrome' to my home and workplace along with the subsequent 'carer of cooped-up-child condition' which is a particularly aggressive affliction.

I fear he will, no doubt, overstay his welcome as he does each year and hang around long after you have been and gone.

Anyway, it appears you two are a done deal - so let's make the best of it.

I have lots planned for us this year.
As usual we have loads of celebrating to do - for all those gorgeous people you have brought into this world. The presents are piling up in the study as you've probably seen, ready for your party season.

We will welcome a brand new nephew into the fold too. I can't wait to meet him - and get a newborn cuddle fix. Oh - that smell of spanking new life!!

We have lots of socialising to do and quite a few dinners out - so that's always lovely. Even if Winter does make things a little awkward at times. We have family photos booked so should try to scrub up a little if we can.

There's reports to be written for school. I love any opportunity to write, so we'll enjoy those. Night after night after night. There's also our class assembly, an excursion, sundowners, duties and meetings galore while you're here.

Your stay will bring me one step closer to seeing my family again and hopefully see my Mum begin to draw even just a sketch of her 'picture of health' again.

Oh - and I nearly forgot - I have booked us in for a massage marathon!
How fun, hey?!
I hope you have been training because it turns out it's actually a fair bit harder than it looks. If you could leave Winter to his own devices for this particular day, I'd be most grateful.

So, welcome June. Make yourself at home and be kind to us, hey?

Shar :-)

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MultipleMum said...

This is very cute. And June did come hand in hand with its friend Winter this year, didn't it! Brrrr! (Mind you I think May may have been dating Winter too because there was some confusion about the season for a bit there) x