Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Y'all Come Back Now

Okay, I promised on the weekend not to blog flog the word "marathon" anymore, but I did not promise to lose the phrase "while Hubby is away"  - did I ?!

So, Hubby has taken off again today.
He has spent nearly three consecutive weeks in our company, so I can see the need, really.

He's off to pamper himself on a luxuriously appointed (in a funky, minimalist kind of way) about-to-become-a mine site in our state's beautiful North. He gets to drop his jocks on the floor share a bathroom with twenty five other smelly blokes and eat in a 'mess' other than the 'mess' around here. His mobile has zero reception up there and the net is intermittent.
Some people get all the luck.

Truth is...

Now that the 'm' word is under my (glamourous hydration) belt, I'm not as phased about what his absence will do to my already light-on training regime.

Worse still...

Now that I have this Toshiba baby to cuddle, caress and chat to I'm not as phased about what his absence will do to my evenings or mental health.

Should I make an online investment or drop some serious $ at an 'adult shop' any time in the near future - he may as well stay away!!

I'm kidding, honey.
This place is not the same (feral pit) without you.
Our days do not feel quite complete without the 'Daddy's home countdown', some Daddy time and lame Dad jokes.
The dog poop does not pick itself up.
The "samily" cuddles miss your extra warmth and Skype just doesn't do you justice.
Hurry home, Hubby!

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Ohhh, enjoy the time to yourself Shar, sounds like you have plenty of distractions and things to do. And hey, you're a Mama, so there is always someone relying on you ;o)
It's always so nice when they come home from a stint away. You remember all the things you love about them even more when they're not there xo

Miss Mandy said...

I just found your blog in my hunt to find inspiration as I attempt to be a runner. I look forward to reading your antics.

Romina Garcia said...

Oh the Daddy coming home countdown is something I do everyday.
Although sometimes I do find it easier to parent without him...he can sometimes morph into one of the little people himself!