Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Interrupt This Broadcast To Bring You A Community Service Announcement

A win for undiagnosed O.C.Ders.

I check Westpac online compulsively.
It's probably a deep seeded control issue thing. Whatever. :-)
(We bank with Westpac, so I do have legitimate business being on there. I don't get my kicks from frequenting random banking sites.)

Tonight, my weirdo-control-freakness has paid off.
I checked our credit account this evening (primarily because money's often too tight to mention in this household and some $$$$ shuffling is required at particular times of the month! Yes. Our finances seem to have their own menstrual cycle - and they're a cow to live with some weeks.)

I noticed a small, most recent tranasction that I hadn't made and Hubby assured me he hadn't made. The transaction was followed by an international exchange fee, which also seemed unusual.

The use of our credit card for 6 pounds 80 pence in the UK sat wrong with me all evening.
(When Hubby and I misspend we do it properly, on a much grander scale!)
I rang Westpac before heading to bed tonight.

Turns out our card has been 'tested' in the UK and also in a US hotel this evening with small trial amounts.
I was probably in for a serious shock the next time I logged into Westpac online (let's face it, tomorrow!) had I not rung.

So, our cards are cancelled and we're false cashless for a week - but I feel powerful... and a tad violated!!
I stopped those crooks in their online credit thieving tracks with a swift cyber kick to the cyber groin!!
So traditional crime fighting superheroes like Wonder Woman look all hot, leggy, busty and hot some more.
Welcome to Beyond 2000- where crime fighting heroes are all frumpy, pyjama-ed, bed socked and frumpy some more.

Shall I go by - Super (organised) Girl  or  Cat (hating) Woman  or  She ( runs and blogs) Ra  or Wonder (bra) Woman???? Now, where's my bed cape at?

Go on - check your banking, citizens of Wherever you live.

Shar :-)

1 comment:

Romina Garcia said...

Oh no!!
Thank goodness you caught it in time otherwise they would have run rampant with your cash!!
Something similar happened to my hubby a couple of years back. We ended up getting our money back, but the inconvenience was annoying!
Bloody scammers!