Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Wrong - It's Right

Ever find yourself laughing when you know you probably shouldn't?
You know, when you're getting a roasting and have a ridiculous urge to crack up?
When you're at a whole school assembly and wonder what would happen if someone stood up and dropped an f bomb on the top of their voice?
At Church, or worse funerals, when overcome by the inappropriate giggles?
When someone slips over or walks into a closed door - and as long as they're okay you want to wet yourself laughing?

This was emailed to me a while ago but I only got around to watching it last night - I'm not a big you tuber.
I'm still giggling, so thought I'd share.

I love Beyonce - and I love an irreverent laugh.
'Single Ladies' must be the most satired track in a long time.
Fat hairy guys, cute kids, pregnant ladies, JT... all gettin their black leotards going on.
Even Magoo shakes his little ringless fingers to her anthems!

Have a happy day - especially all you 'pregnant ladies'.
Shar :-)


Bubby Makes Three said...

I mean. TOO funny!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA I just shared that on FB. Love it!