Monday, June 6, 2011

Pont + Shoot : Park + Play

Saturday 4.30pm

We braved the cold (well, my & WA's version of cold) to let off some steam at beautiful Rotary Park.
We slid, climbed, spun and swung...
and found a snuggle spot to warm Mummy's heart.

Her Daddy may not think it quite so cute.

Note to Dads :
When the children on the spinny tea cup thingy yell "faster, faster",
 they don't know what is best for them.
You should.
And don't wear that white jumper if you intend to spin those
chocolate ice cream eating babes "faster faster".

Playing Point + Shoot with Lou at Sunny + Scout

Shar :-)


Miss Mandy said...

oh my, that doesn't sound promising. lol.

Bel said...

OH Dads are GOLD- I could right a whole book getting inspiration from my partner who thought it was a great idea to buy our daughter a packet of jellybeans from the chemist and let her eat most of the packet on the way home. He then wondered why she was feral and wouldn't eat dinner!!!
That snuggle spot is pretty sweet.

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Ooh looks like a fun day. Though I hate those spinny things, makes me sick just watching!

Lou said...

Cold?! Where are the beanies? Scarves? Gloves?! I miss Perth winters :)

Sounds like a lovely weekend and looks like Magoo is quite the baby Casanova!