Friday, June 10, 2011

Grateful For ...True Love

This week I am sincerely grateful for
 true love.
The 'get me a bucket' kind.

Love that sees one partner dutifully fetching a bucket for their sweetheart
who sits atop the toilet enjoying a bout of food poisoning.
Love that sees a partner calling gorgeous, loving,
things from outside the bathroom door after being told
"please don't be in here love".
Love that clearly hears poltergeist style heaving and hurling
interspersed with "Oh God, I'm so sorry" ,"Oh foul, so sorry" ," Oh man, Lord, help meeee" and appears completely unphased.
Love that sees a partner kiss their darling as they moan and groan into bed
after trying in vain to scrub the 'I've been to vomit hell and back' stench
from their pores.
Love that doesn't shake it's head or lecture after learning that said sweetheart actually poisoned themselves unknowingly.
Damn you out of date whole egg mayonnaise. How did you slip past the cull?

No prizes for guessing which partner I was.
Totally grateful, honey.

Playing along with Maxabella Loves

Shar :-)


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

It's so easy to love when you are healthy and happy and eating lovely dinners together. It's when you are curled up on the floor of the bathroom that loves shows up the most!

Hope you are feeling better!

Jane said...

Oh this is beautiful! Well, beautiful in a sick, vomity kind of way :) Hope you're feeling better now. Damn mayonnaise xxx

yaga said...

*sigh* so romantic! gosh, I hope you're feeling better! best wishes!d

Tara @ Mum-ments said...

that is so beautiful the best kind of love
i hope you are feeling better

BOB & MABEL said...

Its the best kind of love, love that knows no boundaries.

Lauren said...

This reminded me of a time when me and my husband were first dating...and I got gastro....not sure what from...I knew he must have thought I was ok, he stuck around after that incident!
Hope you are feeling much better! :)

Bubby Makes Three said...

oh goodness, how lucky are you!!!