Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Unflappable Man

My Hubby.
Never phased. Ever.

Yesterday a simple trip to the bank somehow went down the road of refinancing our entire mortgage and all the accessories that go with.

As my discussions with our personal banker (and Magoo's newest personal fan club member) became more serious, I thought I'd better give Hubby a bit of a courtesy call before le bank and I totally rejigged his single biggest investment.

Exceptional customer service - for the record.
So, Hubby answers, listens to my spiel about how a discussion about our compromised credit cards, ineffective access to our own money and need for an unplanned major expense in the near future somehow led to a never discussed total restructure of our financial situation, a reevaluation of our current mortgage, increased repayments and the creation of new accounts.

Hubby says
"Cool. All good. Go for it hon."
That's it.
No question and answer session, no checking my identity (or today's pharmaceutical consumption), no "are you out of your mind woman, can't we talk about it tonight?", no qualms at all.

Let me ponder the situation reversed...

Hubby calls me from the bank.
I can hear Magoo in the background sweet talking his personal banker friend into giving him more stickers and more of that lovely bank paper.
I smile.
Hubby explains that out of the blue he's about to sign documents scrapping our current contract and increasing our debt.

I shake my head to aid comprehension.
I recoil with a frown.
I hit the roof.
Expletives tumble out of my mouth as I race for the car keys to get down there STAT.
Something similar to "over my dead body you'll refinance without consulting me, you loose cannon." may be heard by the neighbours as I put my foot down.

Not Hubby.
"Cool. All good."

This is why the man sleeps so well at night.

Shar :-)

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