Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain Rocks!

Nnnnah, it doesn't.
I'm a hater.
A Winter hater.
Cold weather, rainy day, stormy seas hater.

Now, all that hate's no good for anyone.
So in a bid to become more enthused about Winter
(and less like a whinging, whining, wining pensioner)
I thought I'd compile a list of reasons why rain rocks.
A good list is the perfect remedy to any grumble!

Rain rocks because      
 (wish me luck)

  • we need it (well, thats what I'm told on a super regular basis)
  • I don't have to water the plants
  • I don't have to feel guily about not washing my car
  • Magoo loves puddles
  • kids look adorable in raincoats and gumboots
  • Hubby's annual Avon Descent adventure is far more satisfying with water in the river
  • running in the rain is actually quite invigorating (when it doesn't result in a cold)
  • we get to sing rain songs lke 'Rain, Rain, Go Away" and 'Incy Wincy Spider'
  • 'fat' days are much easier to hide/ignore under layers
  • I don't feel the need to constantly be outside "making the most" of the glorious weather
  • there are some super funky, gorgeous umbrellas out there - yep, loved yours Madam Lollipop Lady @ the local school
  • I no longer feel as motivated to bolt out of bed at 5.30am. Therefore, morning snuggles are on the up in Winter (pardon the pun)
  • if I selfishly choose to go to the gym rather than walk the dog, I have a plausible excuse
  • everybody's hair looks like crap so it's an even playing field
  • I get to take the trusty old x trail out of 2WD, therefore justifying my unnecessary suburban 4WD
  • people slip over - and that's damn funny - whether you want to admit it or not
  • my bestie invites us up for Moussaka - yummmm
  • I might start to take my beloved Summer months for granted without it

Awww - look how pretty rain is.

Okay, I'm clutching at straws with a few of those, but I'm trying here!

Wishing you a happy, rainy, splashy, frickin muddy footprints everywhere, can't go to the park kinda day.
Shar :-)


Anonymous said...

I love the rain! My washing however, doesn't and so for the first time in a long time, I am hoping for the rain to take a hike ... I have 3 massive baskets full to do. Ugh!

Toni said...

the good news is -- there's more rain on the way!!!! it rained overnight here in the SouthWest, and is still going.

Natwy said...

Mmmm Iam eating the leftovers as I read and type and it tastes even better today xxxxxxx

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I am not a fan of Winter at all, especially the rain. Though snuggling under a nice warm doona with the heater blaring is kind of nice :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

I have always said if it would just rain at night and clear by morning, I would LOVE rain... all the time! But it doesn't, it sticks around, lingering on, like an unwelcome visitor. It gives me the poops. In saying that, you have come up with some fairly good arguments for rain... and yes, running it does feel good... maybe summer rain though :o) xo