Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorry and Sorrow

Eden's Fresh Horse's Brigade is a sorry one this week.
Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade
I mentioned here last week about my irritating, incessent apologising
for any little thing, every little thing and all the rest.
I also mentioned that the 'big sorries' didn't always come as easily.
The shameful, burning face, 'I-really-plucked-this-up' sorry that takes guts.
That's been a learning curve.

This week I have felt a lingering sorry though.
A big sorry.

Not because I've plucked up, or stuffed it, hit send or spoke too quickly.
Because I've been lucky.
Supremely, incredibly, wonderfully lucky.
And others haven't.

I'm truly sorry for them.
For what I now represent to them.
A tad like survivor's guilt, I guess.

Sometimes, we don't have to be at fault to be big sorry.
I guess that's where 'sorrow' comes from.

Shar xx


Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

With gratitude comes guilt and that totally makes sense cause how could we be truly grateful without being sorry having what others don't. Sheesh I am lying in bed on Sunday morning writing this and I haven't even had a coffee yet so I just probably made no sense at all.
I hope you are ok, I noticed you having been posting so much this week and you haven't been visiting me anymore. Don't stress about the not visiting part, I just wanted you to know you are missed and I hope everything is ok xxx

Anonymous said...

Too true xx

edenland said...

Oh what a simply gorgeous post. I guess that *is* what sorrow is. Love to you, hon. Thank you for linking up.


Mama of 2 boys said...

You deserve to be lucky Shar. Everyone receives a fair amount of luck in life, I think in the end it's distributed fairly evenly. You are the sweetest of souls xoxo

Jane said...

Oh my. Shar, it has been a tumultuous week. You have a huge heart. As does Jules. J x