Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Gots Tagged

I've been tagged by the gorgeous Anna @ Green Tea & Toast in the 'Ten Questions' game.
So... ten answers...

Describe yourself in 7 words:
Organised, efficient, colour-coordinated, fit (hmmm - bat-crap boring seems appropriate too then doesn't it?!), generous and social.

I think?!
Note the absence of 'confident'!

What keeps you up at night?
Apart from Hubby ... 's snoring - my plans, lists, neuroses and anxieties.
Just the usual head wrecking stuff.
Rarely ever Magoo - bless his sound sleeping cotton pyjamas.

Who would you like to be?  
You know, the self assured, stylish, more-than-one-marathon running Mum of ten who bakes wholesome food and never - not ever - uses inappropriate language or hissing tones in front of her adorable brood?
Yeah, her.

What are you wearing right now?
A striped singlet/dress type garment that I will race to the bedroom and replace with actual clothing if I catch a whiff of anyone within 6 feet of my front door.

What scares you?
Big time.

What are the best and worst things about blogging?  
Best: The tippy tappy therapy that I find here. The connection with other people out in this virtual wonderland. The adult humour on tap anytime of the day.
Worst: The odd moments of self doubt. The re-reading of rubbish I published and can't quite figure out why.  Seeing negative responses, competitiveness and trolls around the place.

What was the last website you visited?
Sadly, my school website in order to access my webmail (and consequently add 43 more items to the 'to do' list).
Facebook, Westapc and B.O.M. get a hammering here too. (Again...booooring!!)
I did find some great team building activities for my students on this week though. Don't tell their parents my source!

What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Only one?
A large part of me wants to type 'breasts' (a not so large part of me) but that's shallow, man isn't it? And it's two things, anyway.
I would like to be more patient.
Particularly as I wait for my breasts to leave 1980 and finally find me here.

Slankets – yes or no?
Jury's out.
You have to ask me in Winter.
And tell me what colour/pattern exactly.
If it came with matching pjs - I'd be in like Flynn.

Tell us something about the person who tagged you?
Anna is a relatively newbie blogger who feels like an old timer!
To me, she just exudes beauty and class.
She's a fellow lover of children's books and shares my ambition to become a published children's author one day.
Just quietly, my money's on her.

And who am I tagging?
Lovely, lovely Lou @ sunny + scout
My gorgeous sister Fi @ Yours Faithfully Fiona
Inspiring Jennie @ Posie Patchwork The Blog
Brave Kate @ Our Little Sins
Hilarious Loz @ Ninja Tales

Right now, stop being so nosey and go save the world or something.
Shar :-)


Lauren said...

you are a crack up. love reading your blog.

i need new breasts too. breastfeeding three babes does that to them unfortunately :( ah well, thems the breaks!


Miss Mandy said...

The boob thing is not shallow, I sooo hear you. My daughter once told me I had the biggest boobs, I told her I think she is the only person on the face of the earth that thinks that! oh well we get what we get. At least they're healthy boobs!

danneromero said...

this is a good tag... different than others... i've learned a bit about you...


Peggy said...

I think you might just be 'her'. :) xo

Jane said...

Encore please, Shar! Keep those titbits coming - I love finding out more about what makes you tick ☺. J x

Coal Valley View said...

I love reading these posts but unfortunately I have no idea what Slankets are :-)