Thursday, February 2, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 20

This, my friends, is what happens when you have had it too good, for too long.
I milked the holidays for everything they were worth
-and that there unflattering image is the result.

Me... after one single full day of work
- and the students weren't even there yet!!

I could blame the emotional toll of a certain little someone's first morning
 of pre-kindy and the tears (mine) that flowed as I left his beautiful daycarers
to be the ones to take him there and pick him up.
For the record (and despite my silly working-mother's-guilt sook) it's safe to say Magoo had a magic time. He couldn't wait to share what he'd made for me when I raced to pick him up this afternoon and babbled about pwe-kingy the whole way home.

I could blame the technical glitches that have made our return to school
ridiculously inefficient, ineffective and inconvenient.

Access denied. Network password failed. No printers detected. Settings incompatible. Sorry, we're not authorised to rectify that. Blah blah blah.

I could blame the heavy meetings and the frenzied start of year preparation.

Oooor... I could just man up and admit that I've become an overindulged, lazy sod!
Tomorrow may just break me!!

Linking with My Mummy Daze and her terrific 52 Week Project.
Show us your shame!
The 52 Week Project

Shar :-)


Miss Mandy said...

my little man started creche today too, just once a week for five hours. and he cried too, long enough till I left and then he partied on.
back to work blues perhaps. nothing worse than first day back.
Hope it eases.

Cheryl said...

Oh Shar... you really are a lazy sod...only lazy sods look THAT good!

Of course, I am STUNNING!



Mama of 2 boys said...

Look at you sleeping like an angel, that is a beautiful shot Shar, for all it's supposed lazy undertones ;o)
Gorgeous pics of Magoo also. Something about dropping them off in other people's care just starts the waterworks a-flowing, I'm exactly the same xo

Jane said...

Oh Shar! I'm so pleased to see you taking a rest and not a run ☺. Ooh, Magoo looks such a happy camper - what a relief for you! J x

My Mummy Daze said...

I'd be exhausted too Shar! Your little Magoo looks aforable too xxx

Kate Sins said...

Tis hardly unflattering! That there is the image of a lovely lady.

Magoo is divine, so glad he enjoyed pwe-kindy (aren't their little voices sublime!?)

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Lovely photo of you. Always good to see I'm not the o ly one having Nana naps here and there!
There's something about trying to balance all the different parts of our lives that's just exhausting!!

Naomi said...

After one week of work, Friday night I was asleep on the couch at 8.30. It's ridiculous!

And the kids haven't even started here for me either!

I need a good long run, some early nights and to man up... or it's going to be a long year!

Lee said...

Oh Shar there is nothing more frustrating than all those start up fails! And nothing more gut wrenching than your little one's first days in pre-kindy/ child care. Any wonder you were had it.
I hope your first day went well.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Damn you woman, you look gorgeous asleep. Not many people can pull of a photo like that with such style :) I am so with you. I am knackered after my first week, and this week I am in meetings ALL day every day. Bleughhh Friday can't come quick enough :) xx