Friday, February 3, 2012

Grateful For...Smiles and Support

This week I've smiled over and over at the great nature of other people.
You know those times when your faith in humanity is restored by the little things?

I have felt truly supported this week.
Not by a good bra or spanx - as supportive as they can be.

This week I'm really aware of the support I am so blessed to have in my day to day life.

Learning Support in the form of the fabulous learning assistants at school.
I have the pleasure of working alongside some talented, committed women who are worth their weight in gold - and great value for a laugh too.

IT Support in the form of one particular young man who allowed me to break protocol in order to fast-track some of our technical issues. He has repeatedly saved my bacon (and sanity) in the last couple of days  - all with a smile [or :-)] when I know he is under the pump already.

Support in the form of colleagues who detour by your room just to ask how your day was and happily bounce ideas/strategies and frustrations around. Colleagues who are far more than that.

Support at home when I've been jolted out of holiday mode and stretched myself in every direction to get it all done this week. My beautiful boys... they be flexible!

Support from friends who call in, drop a text, a call, a check in, a thank you, a smile, an offer through the week - not out of necessity, but just because.

Support in caring for and nurturing Magoo. His carers, his grandparents, his new teacher, my friends - they fuss and cluck about my Magoo too. I feel so comfortable, confident - and lucky - that these capable and caring people are the ones I count on when I can't be there with him.

Happy weekending.
Shar :-)


melissa said...

Lovely post - it's so nice that you have taken the time to be thankful for that support. No wonder you have friends and colleagues willing to help you out - you must be a great friend. Hope you don't have any more IT troubles!

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Oh yes, I've bee thinking about how lucky I am to have the support I have. Couldn't survive without it!

Miss Mandy said...

sometimes we're so focused on that overwhelming feeling as a mum that we do it all, but then if you stop, like you, you realise in actual fact there really is a lot of other people out there hoping to make your life a little easier where they can. Glad it was a good week.

Bubby Makes Three said...

lucky lady!! And great that you can recognise how fortunate you are!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

It's amazing the pressure that is taken off one's shoulders, when good support is on hand. Sounds like you've got a whole stack of it around you Shar and that is definitely something to smile about :o) xo

Maxabella said...

Your post has made me more aware of all the little things that people do for me each week too, Shar. I think that's amazing that I've overlooked so many things. Human nature is generally very kind and generous when it all boils down to it. Thank you very much for the reminder. x

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

I like the idea of this 52 weeks of grateful. I've been reading some really positive posts as a result - this being one. Good to take stock of the good things in life. Might have to join in myself next week!

Deb @ home life simplified said...

Wonderful grateful post Shar - that is a lot of great support there - must feel wonderful!!

Seana Smith said...

That's a really and truly grateful post - lovely to read and it prompts me too... especially to be grateful to the very committed teachers who have taken my two little twins under their wings and into their hearts this week.