Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grateful For ... Miscommunication

A day behind the eight ball - but that's okay.
'Cause I'm the boss of here and I say so.

Any dramas... please take a number.
It's been that kinda week!!

This crazy week, I am grateful for when miscommunication goes good.

A couple of times this week I have been misheard/misunderstood
and I have misheard/misunderstood others.

The results have been hilarious.
'Falty Towers' style hilarious that still has me chuckling a few days later
- and looking a tad deranged as I walk about.

I'm grateful for those moments when you realise that the person
in front of you is talking about something else entirely
- and therefore your contributions to the conversation so far have been quite ridiculous.

I'm grateful for friends and colleagues with a brilliant sense of humour
 and appreciation for the absurd.

(Late) linking with Maxabella's 52 weeks of Grateful tonight.

Happy (rest of the) weekend to you.
Shar :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh Shar, had me one of those conversations yesterday....4 of us talking and only 2 were on the same page...I was on the wrong bus completely....Faulty Towers all the way with me :)

ks said...

Hahaha, we had a few days of that too - an 89-year-old great grandmother, a 60 year old grandmother and a 3 year old! You should've heard the discussion between Chatterbox and his great-Granny about how to play statues. Well, I think that's what it was about. Only they will ever know what they were talking about!

Gotta love work colleagues with a sense of humour.

Maxabella said...

I know these conversations, Shar. They crack me up as well! It's nice to hear about 'good' miscommunication rather than the usual 'bad' miscommunication. It can go so horribly wrong at times! x