Sunday, December 4, 2011

Point + Shoot : Christmas Calling

Did someone say Christmas??

December officially launched around here on the weekend.
A couple of days late,
but as tacky as possible to make up for our tardiness.

The Christmas crap cheer was popping up merrily all around the place over the weekend.
Fa la la la la la la la la.

Cheap fake snow, Christmas trees, sweet grandad-made reindeer, Christmas cards, tinsel, lights, Santa signage, a this-Mum-ain't-so-crafty version of a Christmas count-up I loved at Sonia's place...

Bring it on!

Magoo's first Christmas pageant on Sunday morning did not disappoint.
(Even if some of the twinkling magic has been lost by moving it from it's traditional night time slot. I have happy memories of dancing through camel poo in pageants gone by!)

I have somewhere in the vicinity of a 100+ photos of that gorgeous little right hand waving it's little hand-heart out to everything from the police cars to Chinese dragons to dancing girls to the big man Claus himself.

Myer's Santaland was a rort hit once again.
Magoo adores that fabulous little train ride and cracks it at the sight of Santa every time.

Hubby and I look forward to a year when we don't have to feature in the Santa shot.

Magoo and I put the finishing touches on our entry into
 'Australia's Dodgiest Gingerbread House'.
Just quietly, we've got it in the bag.
Dripping icing and disastrous decorating are no mean feat.
(It seems Magoo couldn't even bear to look at it without some form of eye protection!)

As cheesy and cliched as it is -
I love this stuff.
Magoo loves this stuff.
Retailers love profiting from this stuff.
Win, win, win.

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Teresa said...

Plenty of Christmas 'cheer' going on over here too!

Love Magoo's safe approach to gingerbread house making - looked pretty good to me!

Enjoy all that cheer, Shar ox

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

I was just saying yesterday the 'Myer' thing is such a rort. Why pay $30 for photo with santa when his brother is around the corner at Bigw for free? I think it is cute you are all in the photo together!

Love the decorations and the pageant would have been such a thrill for Magoo!

Anonymous said...

That reindeer is uber cute! So is the kidlet with the gingerbread house. I'm not brave enough to tackle one yet. I think I'll stick with gingerbread in its "man" form for sometime to come!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Lou's point & shoot.

I love a bit of Christmas cheer - especially after moving back from the UK where there is real snow (but no real reindeers, just foxes).

Great photos!

Romina Garcia said...

He's gorgeous!!
Hubby and I still feature in all of the Christmas shots. I'm assuming this year will be no different!

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun..

Loving your shots!

Merry Christmas! xx

Lisa said...

I LOVE how you LOVE Christmas!!!

Happy Monday!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, this post just screams Christmas Shar, and I LOVE it! I have been a bit concerned about my lack of festive cheer this year, but today, it finally came to me while decorating the house, ahhhh!
I think that series of Santa photos is brilliant! The things we put ourselves through all in the name of tradition. I haven't taken Angus back since his 1st Christmas photo, where I was more on Santa's lap than he was, oh dear! :o/
You nailed that gingerbread house, clear winner there! xo

My Beautiful World said...

Oh how I remember those Santa photos from years gone by so glad to hear I’m not alone I have a few classics of my own. Vision....of dancing through the camel poo while smiling and waving had me.....LOL a lot. What a woman making that gingerbread house even if Magoo had trouble looking at it...laughing even more it looks awesome, I'm still buying mine for over 20 years and my secret still safe....Arr Christmas. Have a great day my friend.

Always Wendy

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love all the photos! Your little guy is adorable!!! I think I'd like to try out a warm Australian Christmas one of these years. It's much too cold where I'm at!