Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas Seven

Gorgeous Ironmum Karla has kindly gifted me a link in which I'm to share seven Christmassy offerings about moi.
I can't reveal Santa's true identity as he swore me to secrecy, but I can tell you...

I once spent Christmas Day alone. (Oh, that hurts to type.)
At home.
By myself.
Putting together an outdoor setting present to myself.
My family had moved back to Ireland by then and my boyfriend and I had broken up on Christmas Eve the night before.
I couldn't answer the phone when my family or friends rang because I didn't want them to know I was by myself.
I will forever be touched by the kindness of a friend who arrived unannounced Christmas night with her family's leftovers and something bubbly to share.
I feel sad remembering that one.
I'll try to keep the rest a tad lighter, hey.

I have to consciously ban myself from getting depressed about spending Christmas away from my own family.
I'm always disappointed in myself if I let sad thoughts cloud my day - especially since creating my own little family here.
The phone calls are tough, though.
Okay, lighter again maybe.

I love, love, love the Christmas Eve service at our Church.
As in I look forward to it all of December.
It's held outdoors on an oval behind the church.
There's real live camels, donkeys and shepherds and everything.
I find the whole thing so beautiful.
That's better.

Eating chocolate is absolutely perfectly acceptable before 7am on Christmas Day.
I consider it a tradition from my childhood.
(Just like the way my little brother would take a bite out of each Quality Street, rewrap them and place them back in the box for us to find.)

We hit the beach every Christmas morning with some friends.
Hubby's best mate was another boy-child born on Christmas Day, so we meet them at the beach for the Christmas bodysurfing comp and make a huge effort to greet him with birthday wishes before Christmas ones.
Magoo trying to take out the title -  Christmas 2010
6. I love being Mrs Claus.
Christmas Eve is even more exciting for me these days and I feel so connected to Hubby Mr Claus as we lay gifts out for a certain spoiled child.

I hate ham.

7 + 1.
And cherries.

7 + 2
One year I peeked at my wrapped presents sitting in Mum's wardrobe.
It sucked on Christmas morning.
I do not 'do' fake surprised well at all.
Kids, don't look. You'll regret it.

Time to give the re-gift that keeps on giving.
Feel free to join in -

Toni @ ChickChat
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Peggy @ Cake Crumbs& Beach Sand
Fi @ My Mummy Daze
Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups                        or anyone in the festive mood!

Ho ho ho!
Shar :-)


Toni said...

OH I felt so SAD reading number one. Thank God for the friend, hey?

Missing family is the worst part of Christmas. Watching your kids enjoy it is the best.

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

My brother used to take bites out of all the chocs then rewrap the yucky ones too! Little punk.

As for the other ones - OH you poor thing - big Xmassy cuddles.


Wanderlust said...

My children eat chocolate for Christmas morning every year -- from their stockings! Why not? When else can they do that?

I've had a couple of lonely Christmases -- not alone, but lonely. x

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Ha love the extra's..sneaky sneaky!!;) I too sneaked in my mums cupboard when I was younger and found the presents....was sooo angry at myself that I never did it again, totally spoilt the suprise especially since I still beleived in Santa..DOH!

Anyways thanks for taking on the challenge and i think peer pressure made Alex at Whoa Mumma take on the challenge as well!x

My Beautiful World said...

Oh never want to think about no1 again so happy that will never happen to you again! Love no 3 we have this at my daughters church kids love it. I'm all about your no6 best night in our life. Really enjoyed your list my friend, the LOML is born 1 week to the day before christmas so hard to buy for twice. Have a great day

Always Wendy

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Oh Shar, it's one of life's greatest ironies, isn't it, how the holidays could be one of the happiest times OR one of the saddest. Shame on that boy who broke your heart on Christmas' Eve! And I'm glad for you that you're enjoying your happy ending now :))

Love that pic of Magoo! Such a cool surfer dude he's channeling there ;)

Happy holidays, beautiful!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Always love reading more about you Shar. My heart broke a little reading number 1... and then again at number 2, poor darling xo
Your Chrissy church service sounds incredible.
Your Chrissy morning at the beach LOOKS incredible.
Your brother is hilarious, I used to gobble up the Quality Street on the sly, but then pretend I had no idea where they all went... I'm sure everyone was onto me ;o)
Yep, ham and cherries are a little hard for me to face too!

Romina Garcia said...

I can't believe you hate ham.
This changes EVERYTHING ;-)
Thanks for sharing. Christmas alone must have been tough. Props for getting through it all xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Tee hee, my father used to do the chocolate bitey thing, or reinflate chocolates & leave them out, we'd all think he'd been so good!! Oh those Christmas babies can get a raw deal, move over Jesus!! Love Posie

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

I love learning about you - you are a classic. I did the same thing and peeked at all my pressies and totally ruined Christmas one year.

It broke my heart to hear you spent Christmas alone one year. I would have so been there - if I knew you then and if you lived within distance :) lol

Thanks for the tag hun I will work on my list on the next few days xxx