Friday, May 6, 2011

Wheelie Cool??

Sometimes things in life just speak to you.
Some bloggers are discussing the new welfare reforms, others the meaning of life.
Some people want to save the world.
I just want to colour coordinate it some days.
I happened upon this yesterday.

I was utterly disgusted and super excited all at once.
"What a flipping stupid idea," I thunk.
"What a flippin great idea," I thunketh.
"Hubby is gonna fur - eak when he sees our bin!"
"$19.95, no way - under 10 bucks - I'm in."

I still don't know if I love it or hate it.
I didn't buy one, but had I fancied the beer can, cricket wicket or frangipani designs that were for the taking (at only $19.95), who knows.

So I've visited their site   (cause I know it's speaking to you too!)Woah! There's categories of the decals - from numbers to nature to sport to quirky.
No crap, in 'quirky' there's Scratch & Sniff ones!!!
In the 'camouflage' section, there is our slats. The ones I made, stained and erected. With a little help maybe. They call it 'stained' rather than 'Shar's slats', but whatever.
OMG, (yes, I'm 13 years old right now) you can make your OWN!!
There's a 'Will You Marry Me?' design in the 'Love' category. How's that for a proposal?? Personally, I think it should read "Wheel You Marry Me?", but I'm a tool.

If any of my mates have known about this gem and didn't share I'm going to be peeved.
It's a treasure trove.

They even have a 'Press' section in the sidebar, so somebody is in the loop. Huh? Where have I been these past few years?? How did I possibly miss this??

It turns out $19.95 was actually a bargain basement price for these babies - but the choice online is worth it. They do gift vouchers too - oooohh - everyone in my circle is going to be streetside styling!!!
(Hee hee, I just saw my girlfriends shake their heads.)
Excuse me for bragging, but it's May and I just sort-ed Christmas.

Right after I repainted our dog's kennel to match the new fence colour in our backyard renovation, I looked critically at this scene.
I mean, the green one is fugly enough - but what about the one with the garish yellow lid?
I feel these two eyesores are a blight on all our hard work.
(As are Magoo's outdoor toys, but you know, Motherhood and all that. And don't even get me started on the skis, kayaks and boards!)

Yes, they're functional, wheelie bins. But function can meet fashion. Look at Lady Gaga.
A walking butcher or telephone booth for goodness sake.

I did consider painting them, our bins, but Hubby never would have gone for it and taking out the bins would eternally be my lot in life.

Magoo, he loooves the bin truck man, the bin truck and bin truck day - so he too may have de-mothered me for messing with his turf.

But they're ugly.
Until now, it seems.
I'd seen the "Consider Our Children" and "50kph In Residential Areas" stickers adorning people's bins. I love a good set of home drawn wickets on a bin - but bin art (and c'mon it its art). Woo hoo - I think.

Now, the tricky bit. The big decision.
I love options. I hate options.

Have a wheelie terrific weekend!!

Shar :-)


Romina Garcia said...

If being excited to make my garbage bin prettier is wrong...then baby, I don't want to be right.
Oh Lord I'm in!!
If only I had read this post prior to Mother's Day, I would have personalised one for my MIL!
There is always her birthday...

anna said...

liked your post! thanks for nominating me for a versatile blogger award! cheers!