Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gansta Sunday

Tomorrow morn I'm running my first 'mob run' with the W.A. Marathon Club.

So... when someone in 'the mob' asks if I'm packing, carrying, loaded - do they mean water? Carbo Shotz?  or an automatic pistol?

I don't think I'm really the organised crime, underworld gang type.
But the opporutnity to run 32km with a bunch (even if they are in the 'waste management business') after training on my own for so long is worth the 'shakedown'.

I hope I don't have to 'hit' 'smack', 'whack'  'off' or 'clip'  anybody just to be a 'made' runner. Maybe I'll just be an 'associate'.

Will somebody introduce me with the "friend of mine" line?
Do I gotta wear black? And a pinky ring or cufflinks?

How will I know which runner is 'the Don', the 'Boss', the 'Chairman'?
Is it the biggest runner? That could be awkward.

I hope I don't pi** anyone off during the run or I could end up with concrete in my sneakers at the bottom of the Swan River.

Shar :-)

This stupid post courtesy of extensive research ie.watching 'Donnie Brasco' some years ago.


Melissa said...

LOVE this. :)

Bubby Makes Three said...

I am impressed. I have recently taken up running and am up to - you know - about 4km. Yep. Impressive. 32km might well take me an entire week!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! Funny stuff Shar. Sounds like you have a pretty good understanding of the mobster click... well all the right code words anyway! Good luck with the run, 32km! That is awesome! :o)