Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marathon Musing

The Perth Marathon is now exactly
32 days, 11 hours  and 25 minutes away.

I have so much running to do between now and then and so many thoughts to derail.
Let's say I have some reservations.
If some = a bucket load.

In order to make up for the lack of running opportunities I've had lately, I've been marathon trainging (scoping) online.
It will really help me on the day. All this reading other people's vigorous preparations.
You know, 27kms to go and I'm in agony already...
Lucky that random guy from England had run the full marathon distance super slowly so many times.
Lucky that dude from Canada did that great taper programme for the month leading up to his marathon.
Lucky some chick on the other side of the country goes into isolation for a week before her marathons.
Their training is my training, surely?

I just did an online quiz today testing whether you are ready to run a marathon.
Apparently I am not.
But that's no surprise.

I feel underdone. Waaaay underdone.
With Hubby away for so long I haven't been able to clock up the kms as I planned or wanted to.
Am I kidding myself that I can do this without the training?
Now I know why you don't see too many single Mums running marathons.
(Cause you can spot 'em, single Mums?! They're the ones who run marathons as a daily occurance, not a bucket list tick.)

I may be underdone but I am by no means underfed or undercarbed.
The one element I have absolutely nailed in the lead up to this marathon is the eating component.
I'm a machine. Purely for my sport, of course.
Food is fuel. And chocolate is like the hi octane gear baby!
Lasagne sandwich on white, with a side of rice anyone?

But, apart from carb loading for a number of months now (I'm dedicated - and wine has carbs), I'm lacking in so many other areas. I may have my stomach semi sorted, but I haven't really got my head in the right space at all.

What if I need to go to the toilet, like really go. to. the. toilet. during the marathon?
What if my already mangled, blistered feet can't take the 42.2km?
What if I forget to charge my ipod?
What if I forget to take my ipod?
What if I forget to start my watch, like I do in time trials?
What if I eat/drink like I'm told to and it makes me feel sick?
What if I vomit in public?
What if all those runners doing the relay version of the marathon absolutely wreck with my already fragile head when they continuously pass me with their fast, fresh legs?
What if I do manage to run me a marathon (woop woop), get to the finish line after hours of pain - and click  - the photo of one of the proudest moments of my life is a hideous reminder of how shocking I look when conveying pride and pain in the same facial?
(Flashbacks to Magoo's birth pics right there.)
Can't we come back and take the finisher's photo the next day after some mirror consultation?
 Or -
What if I just shut up and run the damn thing already?
And be grateful that I can.
If I can?

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

I think it's awesome that you're even prepping to run a marathon! WOW! My goal is to run a half marathon one day. I need a WHOLE LOTTA work before then. Sad thing is, I love running and I WOULD do it every day, except being a Mama to 2 little ones and having a hubby who works ridiculous hours, is a big obstacle.
However, I will persist and run when I can and one day be going through all the fear and anxiety you seem to be at the moment ;o)
Good luck Shar, I'm sure you'll do just great, look forward to reading about it when you do :o)

Read/Write/Run said...


Without knowing what running you have done leading up to the Perth Marathon, it's hard to send some advice your way. But here goes:

1) If you're just trying to finish and aren't worrying about pace, then you might want to try the Jeff Galloway method, which involves running with walking breaks.

2) Have realistic expectations. If you haven't run any long runs like 15 to 20 milers, then you'll be in uncharted waters come race day.

3) Three key running components for this type of training are the long run, speed work (mile repeats), and tempo runs. Hopefully you've done some of these workouts. You can't cram everything into the last month necessarily either and still taper correctly.

4) As soon as you feel the urge to the toilet, do it. You'll save time in the long run because if you're uncomfortable, you'll run slower.

5)The foot/blisters thing is a real concern. Perhaps you're using the wrong size shoe. I would try to sort this out soon and consider using moleskin in some training runs before the race to see if it helps.

6)I find using written checklists a great way to avoid forgetting things like an ipod.

7) Write on the top of your hand "start watch".

8)The eating and drinking should be something you practiced already. If not, you want to do this on during runs leading up to the race. Find what works for you and stay with that. I use the 30 minute cycle. I eat a gel pack and drink 6 ounces of fluid every 30 minutes or so. If you practice this, then you won't puke. You can have someone hand off fluid if you are concerned with relying on the race fuel stations.

9) Forget about the relay teams. They will kick your butt. Heck the team members are only running at most a 10k. Focus on your race pace.

10)When you finish, you won't care what you look like. You'll have just accomplished a great thing so relish the moment.

I hope this helps. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello. I have some other marathon tips in several older posts.


Mum on the Run said...

Thank you so much.
Ken, I appreciate your feedback - and will come visit.
I ran 35km in three hours this morning and felt fantastic.
I used soluble CarboShotz pellets in my water and took two sips at 15 minute intervals.
I ate three almonds every hour.
Doesn't matter about the ipod after all!! I didn't have it today and really enjoyed my run.
I only intended to go for 33km, but was having a brilliant run, so continued past home!
I now feel that I can definitely do this.