Thursday, May 5, 2011

Junk Anyone?

I think there are two 'two types of people' in this world.
Yes, dog people and cat people.
(Dog all the way, by the way.)

The other great divide is freely advertised on mailboxes the country over.
You are either a "No Junk Mail" person or a "Bring On The Junk" person.
I'm most definitely the latter.
I'm having trouble finding the little plate that reads 'Bring On The Junk' at Bunnings though.

I love a good dose of junk mail. The glossier and thicker the better - with lots of pictures and percentages to boot.

I also love shopping and really enjoy choosing/buying gifts, so there may just be a link.

I don't particularly care for real estate agents and their little calling cards or the Pizza Hut specials. Give me a good chain store, department store, toy store catalogue... even hardware gets a berth these days.

When I was heavily pregnant, my definition of midday bliss was my 'Baby Beethoven' CD accompanied with a side of some big-bumper-bonanza-babython catalogue.
(First child, remember!)

Yesterday I came home from a very interesting, humiliating, loud, tantrum sprinkled morning at the marina to see this one staring at me :
No? Really? Thank you Captain Obvious.
Is that what the 10 minute screaming meltdown in view of almost every other mother in the northern suburbs was about then?
(Magoo was also being 'observed' by an OT student for an assignment at the time. Can't wait to read that assessment.)
I don't think we'll be needing any drama classes anytime soon. Magoo has that one covered.

Yes, it is so environmentally irresponsible to clog letterboxes with precious paper products that predominantly end up in the 'round recycling'.
(I can now smugly say we genuinely recycle ours, as once I can part with the highly regarded literature, I use them to feed Magoo's new obsession with scissors.)

I have tried the online catalogues, but it's just not the same.

It's similar to the app that facilitiates reading a novel on screen  - if you're lucky enough to have an ipad. I only know cause all the other committee members bring theirs to meetings - yet I'm the sechetary.

I don't think you can replace the feel of the paper in your hands, the weight of the book, turning actual pages, falling asleep with the book open on your chest...

However, If anyone wants to send me an ipad to disprove this assertion, feel absolutely free. I'll happily be a whore convert.

Thanks to the impending Mother's Day (because apparently there is no way the other halves and little people will remember to spend excessively without being bombarded by pink reminders), there is junk mail overlaod right outside my front door just waiting to be enjoyed before Magoo destorys it.

You "no junk mail" types (and your cats) don't know what you're missing!

Shar :-)

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