Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Little Known Facts About China.
The term 'facts' is being used very loosely here and could probably be replaced with 'half to total un truths.'.
In the same way that Wikipedia is a reliable source on everything,
my Hubby is a reliable source on all things Chinese because he has been there for work  -for many, many weeks on end recently.
Not that I mind. Much.

  • The area of a hotel which hosts a bar and seating, translates in English to the "Labby Lounge". Nice. (I think this one may be a decoy in case any transactions on the credit card bear this moniker.)
  • You can buy a house in China for the equivalent of a beer bottle redemption here in Oz. (this one was proclaimed after a number of beer bottles had been drained, so 'beer goggle' dollar conversion rates apply.)
  • My blog is banned there - and will remain to be after this ignorant post.
  • The entire population of Australia is crammed into small cities, many times over,  China wide.
  • Dogs are a domestic delicacy as much as they are a domestic pet.
  • It is (apparently) hilarious when Westerners order a meal and tack on "No M.S.G., no D.O.G please".
  • MSG is virtually air borne in China. And it makes you really thirsty. (Again, a possible trojan horse to account for alcohol consumption transactions??)
  • 1 in every 7 males in the whole world is a Chinese farmer.
  • Our carbon tax inititative is, like totally, less than .0001% effective because of our teeny, tiny population. China, on the other hand, now they have some environmental power.
  • The sun cannot penetrate the heavy smog covering industrial China.
  • They don't sell Hazelnut Nescafe sachets in China. This is (apparently, again) a serious problem.
  • If you play indoor soccer and are the only non Chinese team in the league you are immediately a Chinese B grade celebrity.
  • This is a trusted brand of door handle in China :
  • Chinese MacDonalds Baoshits on Aussie Maccas.
Please don't take my word for it. Any of it.
There are an increasing number of direct flights servicing China as of next month.
Hop on one.
Even if the new flights are intended to accomodate the rising exodus from China to Western Australia.
(If you see my Hubby hanging around that 'Labby Lounge', send him on home.)

Shar :-)

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