Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Same, same

So I'm off to Year 5 camp tomorrow morn.

It appears my thinking hasn't evolved at all since I was ten years old.

Amidst the paperwork, activity planning, equipment prepping and child care organising,  I'm contemplating the exact same issues as when I last went on Year 5 camp - in Year 5.

  • Food. Will it be absolutely dreadful? How do I avoid eating things I really don't like? Hope no one finds my secret stash.
  • Family. What if I miss my fam and home so much I cry into my pillow and everyone thinks I've wet the bed?
  • Fashion. What to wear? I don't want to look like I got myself all dressed up for camp, but I don't want to slum it either. Will the girls make fun of me?
  • Faux pas. What if I get my period on camp? What if I need to go to the toilet, if you know what I mean? Will everyone see me getting changed? My boobs are smaller than everyone else's. Will the boys make fun of me?

So... many wrinkles, a degree, a post grad degree, a few boyfriends, one husband and a baby down the track - and I'm the same overthinking, worry wart that I was twenty something years ago.

Except this time, I'm the teacher. Like in charge and all that.
Therefore, I get all bossy and pretend confident.
Please don't tell anyone I told you that I'm worried.

Cause if you tell them and they tell someone else and they tell my friend and then she tells me, I'll hate you forever, okay?



Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! You make me laugh Shar. Oh dear lord, I recall having alot of those fears during my year 10 camp!
Best of luck with the food situation, from memory, it ain't crash hot :o/
Hope you have a ball and the weather is kind to you!

Maxabella said...

Chuckle! I think I'm the same. Which means that everything we needed to know we learned by fifth grade? That's a worry for high school! x

PS - Hi! x