Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Picture Speaks...

From my last post, it's pretty obvious that I'm not a huge fan of Hubby working away.
I, for one, get way too independent for my own good.
Magoo, well...

Last night as I was dishing up dinner, Magoo went very quiet.
As any toddler Mum knows this is highly unusual and needs to be investigated as it usually spells M-E-S-S or the like.

Here's what I found.
Is Magoo

a) gazing sadly out the door as he watches his little friend across the road squeal and run to welcome her Daddy home from work;

b) bringing a tear to my eye;

c) breaking my heart;


d) all of the above?

I think I would have rathered a delightful Pro Hart style collage of toothpaste, make up and conditioner all over the bathroom floor.

Shar :-}

Disclaimer :
I am well aware that many families / women / children cope beautifully with a part time family structure and it's probably a flaw in my character that I don't (want to).
I am well aware that many women single parent on a full time basis and I am absolutely in awe of them.
I am also well aware of the alarmingly high rate of marriage breakdowns within my school community which is largely a 'fly in - fly out' population. And I have never understood this correlation more than at this time.

Skype cuddles just don't cut it.


Natwy said...

Fingers crossed this is the last one xxxx

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Skype cuddles.... how cute. I know what you mean - I truly admire mums who do it alone (for whatever reason) it's such a tough job for one person (or even two for that matter:). Hope daddy is home soon. Cazxx

Keshyra said...

It isn't a flaw in your character at all. Having daddy away makes it very difficult on the children, which then in turn makes it hard on you too. Spouses can usually tolerate their partners being gone because they can understand time and when, in the future, they will see them again, but young children cannot. All they know is that daddy's not there and they miss him. When ever my hubby is gone my kids miss him like crazy, and I don't blame them, it's really hard on them. And though we get through it it's definitely not something we like, or wish for. It's just something that is, for the time being, and we have to deal with it (but it doesn't mean that I don't pray everyday that it was different, and wish that daddy could have a job where he didn't have to travel so much. Wouldn't that be awesome!). Good luck getting through it, I know it's tough, for everyone.