Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winds of Change

I am what some labelling types may call a 'control freak'.
Probably because I'm a control freak.
I'm not great with change - but I'm learning.

We sometimes assume our children have similar issues or the same needs as us.
Well, I do anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, when I made the snap decision to drag Magoo across the world and through multiple time zones, I momentarily lost sight of the many 'beware of long haul trips' warning signs that I had erected over the last couple of years.

It didn't take long for them to coming rushing back into view though.
Once I had our passports and e-tickets in hand I recalled all those perfectly valid reasons to stay put.
Luckily, by then it was too late for second, third or fourth thoughts.

Spot of plane watching
Magoo has adjusted to globe trotting and Irish life as easily as swapping vegemite for marmalade (except for them being yuck for yuck, if you ask me). He has surprised me with how well he's coped with the flights, the new surroundings, the droves of new people and has bonded with family so quickly.
Making onself right at home
I wonder, has he even noticed the absence of a bath for our nightly ritual, the absence of his own bed and one of his furry toy bed buddies, the absence of his ridiculously overstocked toy room, the absence of routine and structure, sensible sleep patterns...???
Of course, the things we've left behind have been replaced so many times over. With different pleasures and comforts.
Magoo's observations of Ireland are gorgeous.

He comments on how green everything is, that there are lots of "naminals", that this is a "windy place", that people sleep even when the sun is up and that "Nanny/ aunty/ uncle loves me, Mum". He's revelling in the attention here and all the different ways of going about life.
The boy loooves Grandad's greyhounds

For me, it's great to push my cushy, cushy comfort zones.
To remind me to go with the flow and relinquish control.
Co sleeping (previously my idea of insanity) has been adorable.
I have woken to a smiling little face in mine saying "good morning my best fwend".
Living from a single suitcase and being dropped in on continuously are welcome changes. Seeing where a day takes us instead of being Miss Planny Plan Plan has been refreshing.
Waiting for 'de immersion' has been annoying. Seems, I take hot water for granted at Australia home.
Whilst I am sitting here polishing Magoo's halo, I am not entirely out of touch. There have been a taste of tantrums, sulking, selfishness and resistance. (But I'm trying to behave. Hee hee.) Magoo is two and in Ireland - not sainted and on the throne.
I may have to eat my laptop here on in and on the return flight(s) for opening my big virtual mouth too soon.
For now though, hooray for our amazing kids and in particular my adaptable, resilient boy!

His inflexible, neurotic mother, Shar :-)


Loz said...

Oh a woman after my own heart. Miss planny plan could actually be my middle name! I totally get and appreciate every word you have written here. I am slowly being taught by my toddler.. To live in the now :)

Farmers Wifey said...

Your'e not neurotic. You're a mother...I love the nanimals too xo

ecoMILF said...

I plan everything to a tea to and I have had to give a whole lot of that up whilst I've been in Canada (from Oz) visiting my family with my two little ones. They'v grown and changed so much for the better since we arrived... but that doesn't stop me from putting them right back on their routine when we get home- more for my sanity than theirs. xo m.

MultipleMum said...

I think Ireland would make anyone and anything bearable. I love the place. He is so right! Green and windy :-) Glad you are having such a refreshing time. (I think the last snap says it all!) x