Sunday, August 28, 2011

Honey Pot

Don't they say 'you catch more flies with honey'?

 Princess Melody from Kinda Dance knows her stuff then.
(Irish friends: this is pronounced kind-aahh dance - rhymes with Linda. Not kind of dance.)
This is the 'moneys overdue' note she sent home in Magoo's daycare bag last week.

It reads:
A Friendly Reminder
Kinda Dance fees for
were due today and
I did not receive them.
(sad :-( )
Please can you pay
by next week.
Lots of love
Attached, no less, to a birthday certificate for the soon to be birthday boy.

Nice moves, Princess.
Your approach is far superior to a massive, bald dude with an attitude and a bat at my front door.
The $ are on their merry way through cyber banking space as we speak, or type, or read, or whatever.
Your manners and cuteness are much appreciated young spritely lady with the glittery face.

Princess Melody and her sad faces might make some people want to throw up.
Not I.

In my teaching life, I am a parental suck-up-artist too.
(I said suck-up.)
I write flowery notes in student diaries, smile excessively out the classroom door, go to silly lengths for families and want every single parent to love my arse work.

Actually, in all my other lives I'm a huge sucker too.
(Dangerous ground here!)
You don't get to be secretary-of-almost-everything with a backbone.
I don't do conflict.
(Maybe when I'm a grown up, I'll be better equipped.)
In social terms, I'm as weak as your Nanna's cordial.

I NEVER want to offend people, so I get into some ridiculous situations.

I sprinted with flaming cheeks through a shopping centre recently, pushing a Magoo laden trolley, back to a store as all the shops were closing because I looked into the trolley to see a pair of shoes that a little someone had swiped off the rack. (They were a size too big for me, anyway honey!) 

I nod and give half baked smiles because I don't have the guts or tact to speak my mind effectively.

I have difficulty sending a text without a smile or a kiss.

I put little 'I Love You's in Magoo's lunchbox. 

I accept poor service.

I send emails and write blog posts with disclaimers, in case anyone gets cross. 

I'm a tad hurt by terse messages in my own inbox. By terse I mean no nice, fluffy stuff!

I let people push in.

Asking for money is right up there with dental work.

I appreciate 'pay up' reminders disguised as sweet love notes.

I like you, Princess Melody.
Even if everyone else says you're a giant sparkly suckhole.

Shar :-)

The disclaimer:
I don't make a habit of having outstanding accounts.
If I'm truthful, admitting to having even one has made me feel a little queasy.
We paid for the previous month but were away overseas.
I thought maybe Princess Melody or somebody at the palace might have graciously 'paid it forward' - but obviously not.
In arrears I am was. Ugh.


Peggy said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of sucking up with sparkles. Let's face it, it made you smile, and you owed money! I like the 'lots of love' at the end too. Even her name makes me want to pay the bill!

Toni said...

You can call it 'sucking up' but as a parent I would far prefer a freindly, pleasant teacher to the stuck-up 'I-know-better-than-you-about-your-child-because-I-have-a-teaching-degree' attitude that I've encountered.
Also find it HILARIOUS that you had to explain the outstanding account.
I think you'd better get your mean on before your kids are teenagers and walking all over you.
:) (see, smiley face so you aren't offended by my comment LOL)

Mrs Woog said...

I sound a bit like you as well. I am a serial kisser xxxx

Teresa said...

I have the same note...but mine is from "Princess Michelle"...and it is for $52(whoops)!

I'm like you and tend to end all emails and texts with "xo" and :) ..I call all children "Darling Heart" and also tend to apologise to (bad) service providers.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, you make me laugh. I am a bit the same in that I do like people to like me, however I genuinely do like being nice and talkative and helpful to people also. However, I am not tolerant of people who don't share the same desire to be nice, so I can turn really quickly if my buttons get pushed.
I always get so embarrassed if I receive overdue invoice notices, mainly because I like to be up to date on my debts. But that is definitely the sweetest pay up now notice I've ever seen ;o) xo

Tamsyn said...

I am a bit the same too. I've definitely toughened up over the years though :)

Still I would always rather be remembered as the nice girl, with good manners than a rude b***h any day of the week!

Keep it up xx