Tuesday, August 16, 2011

They're Watching

Boy, do I  have some flaws and bad habits.
Too numerous (and downright boring) to list here.
Some of my downfalls don't bother me and others I'm acutely aware of.
Most wouldn't matter or even register -
were it not for the prying eyes of children!!

Once I began my teaching degree and practices, the reality of being a 'role model' sank in.
Language to be watched, enunciated and filtered.
Values to be upheld in actual real life not just lip service.
Legs to shave before mat time.

Now as a part time teacher and full time parent the pressure is near overwhelming.
My child keeps me accountable.
These kids  - they have b.s. detectors and moral meters built in, they revere us mere mortal Mummies and they're on the ball.
Magoo makes me live up to the (often unrealistic) expectations I have of him.

Raising an all seeing, all questioning, sometimes tantruming toddler...

I wash my hands more regularly than ever before in my life.
I cowardly hide behind the pantry door sneaking a forbidden snack before dinner.
I drink cordial/Diet Coke from an opaque mug like an addict to avoid detection. It's my brown paper bag.
I get the 'swear guilts' on a regular basis.
I fasten my seatbelt every. single. time. And mentally repeat the randomly acquired 'fact' that a high proportion of accidents occur within 10km of home!
I tut tut at inappropriate morning radio in the car and switch to the Christian channel.
I try really hard not to use my phone in the car. Hey, the intention's there.
I don't speed or tailgate as much and shake my head at those who do.
I bite my tongue and count backwards from 10 more than I'd like to admit.
I save particular phone conversations for nap time.
I express my surprise, disappontment or frustration with an array of interesting adjectives to avoid the obvious ones.
I censor television content and avoid most of it.
I am far more sensitive to violence - and rudeness.
I am the manners police.
I share my stuff far more than I want to.
I put coins in donation tins.
I judge and label less - verbally anyway.
I send myself to my room.

How about you? Can you feel their eyes on you?

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha! Oh totally Shar, I'm always laughing quietly to myself at just how much they do take in. It makes me feel even worse if I do the things I ask them not to. Angus asks me every so often when he will be allowed to drink coke, "because Mama drinks coke!" I also sneak the treats behind the fridge or cupboard door... and sometimes get caught in the act. I am running out of reasons why I'm hiding out to eat chocolate.
I love how self righteous children can be when they're only 3 years of age :o/

Hear Mum Roar said...

Lol! It's so true. I hear it in their imaginary play, also sometimes they'll try to tell me off the way I've done in the past.

Peggy said...

Oh yes, all of the above! My 10 year old son tells me to 'put that down' before I have even wrapped my fingers around my phone while I am sitting at the traffic lights (to glance at the screen). He doesn't break the rules, which is great, but then neither can I!

Miss Mandy said...

that's way too funny, my kids are not that hard on me at all.

Melissa Jane said...

I find myself hiding what I am eating often. My kids smell my breathe.

Diminishing Lucy said...

Oh goddess, this is SO SO true!

You have hit the nail on the head for me - I can apply so much of your list to my own behaviours!

Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Rewind!