Monday, August 29, 2011

Point + Shoot : Bunnings Boys

Sunday  - 12:00pm
A trip to Bunnings is Magoo's idea of bliss - and my idea of a fab family day out.
The little man can spot a Bunnings from miles away and peruses their catalogues for pleasure.
Rocking the Bunnings look
What's not to love?
Lowest prices are just the beginning!
From the cute little trolleys, to the aisles and aisles of handy fare, to the caged fenced playgrounds, to the ready made lunch literally on their doorstep.
Hot dog lunch in the back of the ute in a Bunnings carpark.
Does it get any better?
 I'm also a big fan of what usually follows a trip to Bunnings (no, not the credit card statement) - a sunny afternoon working around the garden and spending time as a family.

Yesterday after a gorgeous morning at a birthday party (where Magoo did not, under any circumstances, ride that pony!), we stopped off at the father/son playcentre Bunnings for some much needed beauty products for the garden.

The rest of the afternoon was spent putting our purchases to good use before heading to dinner with friends. The sun did it's beautiful thing while we did ours. Neighbours and friends came by and I snooped at the 'home open' two doors down - in my gardening finest. A Bunning great day, really.

It's always been just a matter of time until I fulfil my life's ambition of appearing on a Bunnings advert. Now I'm one step closer to that green apron. I think I just wrote my poxy script.

Shar :-)

Point + Shoot with Lou over @ Sunny + Scout


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

your little guy looks like his having fun. Gotta love bunnings stores! :)

Tatum said...

we love bunnings really is a fun family outing! sounds like you had a perfect kind of sunday to me. Tatum xx

Miss Mandy said...

bunnings is one of our most favourite family outings. so easily pleased!

Teresa said...

Gotta love Bunnings!

Amelie will ask "Can we go to Bunnies and have sausage sizzle?!"

My Mummy Daze said...

Totally agree! Gotta love Bunno's!!

Anonymous said...

You know know they use real Bunnings workers in those ads... And you REALLY wouldn't want to work there ;-). Now if my Bunnings detector is correct, are you at Balcatta? Lisa James x

Anonymous said...

Oh and good job on buying my Benara Go Betweens!

Rosie said...

Ha ha the indoctrination is so cute! I love it. Great post and gorgeous pics!

Mama of 2 boys said...

You paint a fab picture of the Bunnings experience. I wish we were more of a Bunnings family, but alas hubby is frightened of anything remotely handy, so I think the only time he's set foot inside of one, was to pick up a gas burner for the BBQ!
Gorgeous pics, love the one of the boys with their trolleys, cute! Sounds like a wonderful weekend Shar :o) xo

Kelly said...

My kids love a trip to Bunnings - Bunnings is the best!