Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Love Letter

My most fabulous haridresser
Your most appreciative client

My dearest L,

Today, as I sat in the beautiful space that you have created just for us in your new home I was overcome with emotion - and all those gorgeous hair product fumes. I sense we are nearing our five year anniversary and I just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are.

They say that in life a woman should look for someone who makes them feel special and beautiful. Someone that makes them feel good about themselves, who gives them confidence and security. Someone who understands their needs and what makes them truly happy.

You do all of those things for me.

You have stood by me - even when pregnancy and hormones have changed what we have between us. You understand my need to be low maintainence. You know how important my Magoo is to me and are flexible when I have to put him first. You are so easy to be with, really listen and make a sweet cup of tea. Your perfectionism, the way every last little bit has to be just so, it warms my heart.

I look forward to seeing you each time and would be devastated if you cancelled on me. Little tuft like excuses for ponytails would have to be worn. Baby powder would have to be liberally applied and extra make up enlisted. Don't do that to me, will you?
Falling pregnant or taking an extended holiday would also fall into this category of desertion.

Remember when we used to see each other in your parent's laundry while you and M were building your new home? I didn't care. Although the massage chair we have now hasn't gone astray, has it?! We've experimented with styles and pored the gossip mags together. We've tamed a nasty, persistent cow lick and finally decided where my true part is.

I've seen you with other women - your husband warned me about that when he introduced us. I have seen evidence of them in 'our place'. Particularly when you haven't swept the floor properly. But I can understand. You're a find. A class act - and the most fabulous colourist I've ever met.

Eternally yours to cut, colour and blow.
Shar  :-)

Check out little nosy parker
in the bottom corner!

(Names have been supressed by the author purely for selfish and territorial reasons.)


Miss Mandy said...

thats classic.

Lizeylou said...

I love this!!

Finding the right hairdresser is so damn hard .... yours sounds like a keepr - I'd keep her hidden away too!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Brilliant Shar, love it! Such a rare commodity, a good hairdresser. So hard to come by and even harder to keep a hold of. You're a lucky lady Shar, though it is evident you're an appreciative partner :o) Gorgeous do by the way, HOT! xo

Kate Sins said...

oh i so need a hairdresser like this. mine could talk under water and all i want is silence. hold on tightly!

and, in response to your comment about my blah blah blah post - no i don't want to punch you in the face! the thought of punching someone in the face made me laugh so loudly at work - was on my phone checking email and nearly got caught!!

Farmers Wifey said...

Love the pic! And the nosey little one in the corner lol I have a hairdressing visit in two weeks and I can't wait!