Thursday, August 4, 2011

Joke's On Me

Ba ha ha ha!!!
I get it. I do.
The joke's on me.

I wrote this post just yesterday, praising my Magoo's resilience and adaptable ways.
Smugly being delighted in how 'easy' the transition from Oz to Eire has been with him.
Revelling in his comfort and happiness here.

Today, Magoo has chicken pox.
Ha ha ha.
That's the punch line. Get it?
Magoo has chi.cken. pox.
I've never been overly superstitious, but motherhood is trying to sway me.
You know, when you tell your girlfriend how well bub has been sleeping - and spend that entire night trying to lull them into some form of slumber.
When you stupidly think to yourself that you haven't seen the inside of a doctor's surgery for what feels like ages - and then spend the night in ED with a feverish little one.
When you dare to think or say something along the lines of "toilet training is going so much better than I expected" and enjoy the delights of feacal matter adorning the house for the next two days.

When you write a smart alec post about Magoo's wonderful Irish lifestyle and spend the next morning apologising to your cousins and praying that their children won't join yours in 'Spottyville'. At least not until you've left the country and won't have to witness it!!
Magoo has been a spotted champ and if it were not for the cute little pox all over his body I wouldn't have a clue he is poorly.
And now that will also turn on it's head once I send this into cyberspace!

Now that I think of it, there have been a lot of black cats around here lately.

Shar :-)
No need for that, Magoo!! You're still beautiful!


Tamsyn said...

Oh no! It's crazy how this happens, It's happened to me too. I told a friend how we had never had any problems with Max teething, and then out of the blue spent the next three nights with an inconsolable teething baby.

I hope he stays nice and cheerful for you x

Miss Mandy said...

Oh crap, hate chicken pox. Hope they're not bothering him too much. Ouch, just thinking about it. lol.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh bugger Shar! That is such a shame for both of you. Poor little Magoo :o( I hope it isn't bothering him too much, as I know the pox can make them quite sick. I know exactly what you mean about 'speaking too soon', I am the queen of it here! Hope the little guy has a speedy recovery and you're able to keep everyone else quarantined for the duration :o/ xo

Posie Patchwork said...

My 4 all had it, while in Darwin, they had the vaccinations which was brilliant, as my first 2 had a very mild dose, no scars & only a few pox, numbers 3 & 4 had more pox but mainly on their bellies - certainly nothing horrible like on their eyes, up their nose & other unmentionables & bless them, they didn't scratch but got a couple of scars. Cleverly, they each got them 2 weeks to the hour (no kidding) so it went on & on & on, i ended up with shingles, like an old lady (i was 31) & felt much sicker than them!! Love Posie