Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Lookey what finally arrived in the mail while I was away...

Please don't squint.
It's my finisher's medal and certificate for completing the Perth Marathon.
Official time - 3hrs 27mins & 40secs.

Is two months after the fact a bit late to be wearing my medal -
down the shops, to playgroup, up to school, out for dinner???
Is there an expiry date on achievement pride?

I think so.
Three days post event - max.
I'll just have to be content showing it off here and now.

Shar :-)


Teresa said...

Congratulations Shar! That is an awesome effort!

There is no expiry date on achievement pride!!!... well maybe...I ran a marathon 11 years ago and am still talking about it - my husband rolls his eyes, he has heard my 'marathon story' gazillion times.

Miss Mandy said...

Nah I'd probably wear it. That's an awesome achievement, I can't even begin to imagine a run like that....yet. Good on you.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Um, absolutely NO expiry date Shar! You're a legend lady! You should wear that shiny little baby with bursting pride. I'm in awe of you sister... I thought 14km was tough going, but 42 flippin km's, now THAT is an achievement! Well done :o) xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Congratulations, you can wear it on your blog ID photo forever though!! Fantastic time, that's a good pace - much quicker than the mail. I'd just position it in my handbag so each time i went for my coin purse or keys, it might accidentally make an appearance & start a conversation of 'how awesome i am' - yay!! Love Posie

Naomi said...

No limit on that kind of achievement! Wear it with pride! Well done :)

Ellie said...

Wear it with pride. Accidentally hit people with it, then you can start a convo up..."oh sorry did I just hit you with my Perth Marathon medal?"

It would be tacky to wear it at the next marathon so basically you can ride that baby for a year.

Well done.


Well done ! Slowcoaches !! Frame it NOW !!!!