Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Colours of Today

Flourescent green
- the colour of those little numbers confirming that Hubby is a nut.
4.45am  - just to paddle?!

- the colour of the ominous clouds rolling in.
Boo hiss.

- the colour of our cheeks after outwalking those clouds.

- the colour of my newly glamorised eye region.
Beauty product allergy alert!

- the colour of eating my weight in cheese with gorgeous girlfriends and our beautiful boys.
Should be a full chapter in my yet to be released 'The Contented Mummy' book.

- the colour of another secret squirrel purchase for a special Daddy.
Ssssh Magoo.

- the colour of a text message informing me of the committee meeting cancellation tonight.
Woo hoo - Rafters - I'll see you tonight, after all.

- the colour of the gorgeous little peepers that followed my every move during 'rest time'.
"I see woo" too, Magoo!

A smeary version of clear
- the colour of my freshly 'cleaned' windows.
Housewifey fail.

- the colour of my kitchen thanks to this. 
Housewifey pass with honours. (If I may say so.)

Donna Hay's Roast Pumpkin & Chickpea Soup
Hubby's sweet version of Donna Hay's Roast Pumpkin & Chickpea Soup

Magoo likes his with a garnish of cheese - and a spot of karaoke

- the colour of the wine sipped/slurped with neighbours while our kids played "Mummies & Daddies' in Magoo's bed.
 Parental supervision may have to be stepped up a notch in years to come.
- also the colour of the furniture on the cover of the much coveted Ikea catalogue which arrived today.
I'm getting to you precious little plastic wrapped baby, I am.

- the colour of almost everything for Magoo's fire engine party on the weekend.
Nee-naw. Nee-naw.
A party just waiting to happen
- also the colour of my face while cringing at the X Factor auditions.
Why do their families let them commit social suicide on a national forum??

- the colour of goodnight snuggles at the end of the rainbow.

Hope you have had a colourful day too.

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

What an utterly fabulous post Shar, love it! I can't wait to hear/see all about this fire engine party, it sounds like a hoot in the making :o)
Magoo is so SO cute... just why do they feel the need to bring little 'extras' to the table at meal times?! Baffles me! Though I like his style trying to incorporate the karaoke flavour to his dinner ;o) xo

Cheryl said...

Great post...made me smile. I too am victim to housewifey fails! Bubble has also started bringing her Tinky Winky teletubby to the table cos she wants to feed him too!

Loved this :o)

Loz said...

Ooh I loved this post!! Even moreso than bread tags ;)

Thea said...

Oh that is gorgeous!
I love colours
And I LOVE this post!! :)

Kelly said...

What a gorgeous post, love the colours of your day xo