Monday, August 15, 2011

C c c...calories

Excuse me, Irish confectioners.
I love a Kit Kat treat.
In my opinion, it's the perfect combination of tastes and textures.

When I decide to indulge in a Kit Kat treat (or ten) I don't want to be confonted by the  c word -  'calories'.
Even if the intention is to amaze me with how few calories are to be consumed in such yumminess -  I don't want to see the word 'calories'.

It took me a good number of years to erase the entire contents of 'The Calorie Counter' which was the bible I lived by
(or existed by, 'cause that ain't living)
for a couple of years there.

I'm all for the nutritional value of a product being explicit
but the calorie content on the front of every piece in a share pack?

Imagine a world where everything you put into your mouth was labelled with it's caloric value (totally made up term)?
No thank you very much.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
(In moderation though.
10 x 107 = 1070
and my long term memory is sending me a signal that can't be good.)

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how bizarre! How totally bizarre! I'm with you Shar, keep the calorie content off my food please. I think we're all way too obsessed with calorie counts these days. Just eat in moderation and let the calories fall where they may. Really! xo

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

I love me a Kit Kat! mmmm
But what a huge turn off having a number stare at you before you can even get the wrapping off.


Thought they did that everywhere !!! lol.. Ya I cant even enjoy a can or two or three of Club Orange anymore without feeling really guilty cos its totally laden with empty calories... Sometimes its better to be blissfully ignorant !