Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hubby don't read any further please.
Yes, I know you're reading the blog.
At work. :-)

Got a seclet?
Best to keep it to yourself around here.

Lately Hubby has taken to calling Magoo his "little sock monkey". When we were birthday gift shopping the other day, we espyed a cute little sock monkey. With Father's Day looming, said sock monkey now resides in a bag in the nether regions of my wardrobe.

Magoo is such a wonderful secret keeper.
The very evening of our purchase he greeted Hubby at the door with ramblings about "de sock monkey pwesent for woo".

After I closed the door and whisper hissed another reminder that the present was a secret until Daddy's special day, Magoo solemnly agreed and proceeded to tell Hubby all about "de secwet sock monkey" that he's "not going to tell woo".

A couple of years back with Mother's Day impending I made (what I thought was) an over-the-baby's-head remark about really earning those massive diamond flavoured gifts for my special day. A not yet coherent Magoo tugged, grunted, pointed and dragged me to our laundry cupboard, urging me to open it. No prizes for guessing where my (quite honsetly unexpected - but very deserved) Mother's Day gifts were hidden.

The poor little sock monkey can't even play hide and seek without giggling and yelling out "Here I am!!" before I can finish the counting part.

He jumps in the car and immediately tells me the number of "tantums" he's subjected Nanna & Grandad to while I was at work and the (unreasonable) reasons for each one.

Every single person we meet is now invited to blabbermouth Magoo's "sire truck birthday party".
Except "Danel from daycare".
"Danel from daycare" is not a popular man round these parts anymore - and the reason for this is the single untold secret of Magoo's life. All we can extract is that yes "Danel" still goes to daycare but no "Danel not my fwend".
Maybe "Danel" doesn't like people who talk too much!

Unfortunately my son appears to have inherited a genetic condition commonly known as 'big mouth (often with foot in it) syndrome', which I'm fairly confident, came from the 'x' chromosone.

Are you a vault?
Or an open book - with the accompanying CD - like Magoo and I?

Shar :-)


Maxabella said...

I fear that I may also have passed down the Big Mouth With Foot gene too. But he's so adorable, Shar, that I'm sure he'll charm his way out of any sticky situation as he gets older.

The sock monkey (sssshhhhh...) is just the cutest Dad's day gift EVER. We have the standard after-shave, socks and undies gift ready to go. It's expected around here.


Cheryl said...

Bubble has a thing for colouring in and we made a card for hubby with the centre of it as a big colouring in page...too cute. But father's day was back in june for us here in the UK.

As for 'big mouth' I'm ludicrously poor at secret keeping but i only let rip to my mother and hubby and a couple of close friends so that doesnt count (does it?) unless the secret is to be kept from one of them!


Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, this is really cute Shar. Maybe it's the age group, because my Mr3 tends to blurt out anything and everything too! I used to be a shocker for it when I was little too, but as I've grown up, I've learnt to be more subtle with my comments ;o) xo

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