Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Imperfect Life

A post I read over at posie patchwork - 'the blog'  really struck a chord with me today.
Jennie wrote about the 'delusion of perfection'.

After being astounded (again!) that people waste their energy leaving negative comments around this blogosphere, I moved on to reflecting on how empty and downright boring 'perfection' (or perceived perfection) is anyway.

I don't even want to entertain the thought of how many precious minutes/hours/days of my life I have voluntarily sacrificed to the pursuit of perfection.

I'm all for maximum effort, reaching potential and goal setting.
But notions and aspirations of absolute perfection only seem to lead to disappointment and failure.

On a small, superficial scale I have been known to take a shot (for the blog or not), have a squiz at the image and then retake the shot -
 after removing the offending toy/dirty surface/pair of underwear/tampon box...

I have taken pre-reno shots of my 'ensuite of horrors' but am ridiculously apprehensive about sharing them for fear of being judged a total skank!! Also, for fear of my real life friends who may see them, refusing to ever eat at my place again.

So...long story long...
In the spirit of embracing imperfection and baring all (not likely, ha ha!!), I present to you my...
'guest bedroom' (on a good day).
 In all it's cluttered, untidy, dumping ground glory.
(No 'fixing' the shots' or smoothing the bed clothes - you know I wanted to.)
Note -  My son is three years old. I do not have a baby.
The portacot was set up for some bubs on Melbourne Cup Day last week. It seems five days and five nights is not sufficient time to take it down again.
The only items actually in use in this room are the highchair (again for bubby friends) and the iron (albeit sporadically).
We also do not have a young toddler.
I live in hope. It appears we have issues with closure around here.
Speaking of which, if you could access the wardrobe door to the right - I wouldn't recommend opening it.

But seriously, you are more than welcome to stay the night anytime.
I simply scoop up all this stuff and re-dump it in my 'study'.
Oh man. I'm actually embarrassed now!
So thanks, Posie for inspiring me to shame myself publicly today.
You are (im)perfectly lovely.

What's lurking behind your 'perfect' shots?

Shar :-)


Miss Mandy said...

we all have 'that space' we recently chucked our change table because it was sitting there with loads of crap piled on top of it and we never used it anyway.

Nicole said...

Gosh, what a post. So refreshing to read, Your words speak volumes, and I back everything you write. I'm currently reading a book on what 'perfection' really is / means - it's so eye opening.

If I had half a functional brain today I'd write more, just can't piece the words together at this time.

Your newest follower :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love this, so much, as the first shot looked quite fantastic, then you went & showed us what lurks to the right of view & over the other side of the bed, brilliant!! I just had my twins dropped off from a sleepover, i had done a bedroom makeover for my 3rd girl so that engaged the family to come through our entire house & check out every room. I had just vacuumed but i was still in my jammies with unwashed hair, good thing we're friends!! I had also done gardening & hanging out washing, but you see where my dignity & personal grooming ranks!!
Anyway, we even ended up in the laundry talking linen cupboard space & in the children's bathroom talking towel racks (they are a family of 6 as well, no one has ever designed a bathroom or home with sufficient towel drying space for 6 people yet!!) I would have been happy to show the Queen my home today, it's 'us' & i have happy children who are functioning members of society, with different ideas on what is tidy, but hey, we're 'real' & that is why people love us!! Love Posie

Jane said...

You make me giggle, Shar. I am so proud of you, my fellow recovering perfectionist! J x

Tamsyn said...

I love 'real' posts Shar. Well done!

Mama of 2 boys said...

My house is a constant schmozzle, hence why I don't put many pics of it on my blog. And of course those I do, have been through the official 'smoke and mirrors' process. Your place does not look that bad Shar... it totally looks like clean clutter to me :o) xo

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

LMAO - you crack me up and you sooo remind me of me. I too do the photo retake thing - all the time.
Perfection is a curse huh!

Love your work hun xx

Wanderlust said...

This makes me feel so much better. Any time I visit a neighbor's house, it is immaculate. And then I come home and look at mine - ack! I have one or two clean rooms at a time, rarely an entire clean house!