Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pause. Please.

Like so many other Mummies, I dream of turning the remote on my child.

Not just for the occasions when the mute function would be greatly appreciated, but for the opportunity to pause this fast-paced, action packed 'Magoo Magic' blockbuster in it's tracks.
There are so so many days, and moments in days,
when I wish I could just pause.
Suspend us in time right there cracking up at a clever little Magoo-made joke, cuddling with small, sweet fingers stroking my face or singing and dancing on the trampoline.

But I know from the experiences of friends that this parenting gig,
it just keeps getting better.
(Friends with teenagers excepted, in this instance!)

That every age has it's delights and "oh, this is the best" qualities.
(Again, from all accounts - teenagers excluded.)

I'm pretty sure every month in Magoo's first year was "the best age".
Then, of course being one was magical.
Two was hilarious.
Three is absolutely captivating me...
When every week outshines the last and every month is even lovelier than the one before, how can I focus only on the last temper tantrum or messy spill?
Of course, there have always been people along the way, standing at the sidelines throwing in their two cents worth with "oh wait for teething. Teething's awful" or "just you wait for those terrible twos" or "toilet training is death by feaces" or "they've driven me to drink and back".
(Once more, I feel the parents of teenagers may have a valid point though.)

My experience so far, has been that each phase, with it's challenges, brings it's awesomeness in even greater quantities.

Right now, I'm just overwhelmed by how quick this little Magoo man is growing and the fact that beautiful days like these
will be fleeting in the big picture.
So for now, I just want to press pause.
Stop at this moment in time when my little boy is climbing, splashing, stumbling, scrambling - but all the while looking back and grinning from ear to ear at his "fwend", his Mummy.
(And truth be told - call in sick to work tomorrow, so I can play.)
Even if the "best" is yet to come, this is pretty damn blissful.
I'm in awe of the stories that this little mind can weave, the incredible imagination, the sensitivity and the detailed observations that escape even my eagle eye.

The tall tales of (make believe, I hope) midnight antics from bedtime buddies in the night told with such earnest have me in stitches every morning.
The dramatics and performances are so innocently over the top and show pony
- that I wish I could catch just a little bit of that abandonment and self confidence for myself.

What a load of Magoo mush spilling out here today.

Don't worry, I do know he's not especially wondrous or extraordinary.
That the sun doesn't actually shine just for him.
The camera just makes it look that way sometimes.
I feel that all kids this age are just amazing and brilliant.
But this one's mine, you see. I made him.

What is your 'favourite stage'?

Shar :-)

BTW Hubby - this 'pause' refers only to Magoo's current loveliness.
I do not want to pause our bathroom mid renovation or any other project currently underway.


Teresa said...

I'm with you, Shar and can honestly say that I have loved every stage/age. I miss all the stages that have passed and look forward to the next. Sigh - big ball of mush over here too.

Tamsyn said...

I agree whole heartily too. Every day is more magical than the last, but i would still love to be able to pause those moments and soak them up for a bit longer. So glad you are loving every moment!

Tamsyn said...

I agree whole heartily too. Every day is more magical than the last, but i would still love to be able to pause those moments and soak them up for a bit longer. So glad you are loving every moment!

Hi, I'm Mel said...

I completely agree that it gets better as they get older because it's just so fascinating watching them develop their little personalities as they grow.

Mine are 7, 5 and twins, 3 and I do admit that I love the 3 yr old stage a LOT. I can't even imagine them as teenagers. So let's not!

Enjoy your gorgeous little man!

Mel x

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Shar I have one at 4 one at 6 and one at 10 and there is something totally fabulous about each of those ages and every year and moment in between.

I so have those moments too where they make me laugh so hard I just want to freeze that moment and capture it for ever.

Enjoy hun you have one gorgeous little Magoo there. My 10 year old funnily enough has the nickname Magoo too. We have a monkey, a scoob and a Magoo :) xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

But he IS wondrous and extraordinary and he is that way because of his lovely Mama and Dada... and all the people in his life who love him. This is a great post Shar, I couldn't agree more with your sentiments either. It's exactly the kind of take I like to go with when it comes to my boys and their ever growing bodies and minds. The good AND the bad won't last for long. It vanishes in the blink of an eye and I too, would LOVE a special pause button... or as I always like to say to Angus, a bottle, so I could bottle them at any given moment. Obviously, we can't always be Miss Positivity when it comes to Mamahood, but I really try to limit the moaning and groaning, or at least try to see an upside to every difficult stage :o) Magoo is adorable xo

Romina Garcia said...

Oh he's just so gorgeous I can totally see why you would want to press pause on him. I feel the exact same way over here at casa del nappies. Soon we will be reaching the end of an era. My big girl will be starting kindy next year and I will no longer have four kids at home with me every day. Although I am excited for her, I am also saddened that time goes by just so very very quickly x

Naomi said...

Couldn't agree more. I still look at my kids and think Wow - I made that! And mine are fast approaching teenage -dom. In fact, it's less than 6 months away!

danneromero said...

each stage is different, unique... enjoy them all... even when they are young adults.. live in the moment... really listen... watch...

Lisa Jay said...

Yes I hear you! I try to press pause on my little one's at least once every day. It can be heartbreaking how fast it goes, but all we can do is soak it up while it's ours to love & enjoy.

Kate Sins said...

When you find that pause button please fling it my way.

I'm totally obsessed with Little Cowboy (nearly 10 months) and love love love Chatterbox's amazingly refreshing speech (nearly 3)...

Have to admit I'm not loving the defiance of the nearly-three-year-old but loved all stages from four months to two years.

Dre @ no frills said...

A friend visited with her twins yesterday (our children are 2days apart) and we were saying that we were absolutely loving this age. Our children are 16months. But when I really think about it I've said that every month of Miss R's life!
Miss R is more and more fun the older she gets! I keep wishing her bigger and older so we can enjoy tea parties, sitting together and sharing chapters of classic novels before bed etc, but at the same time I know they grow too quickly and aren't babies forever so I am savouring EVERY minute I can! :)

Posie Patchwork said...

I actually just wanted a stun gun for my 4, especially when they didn't want to get into their car seats. I just loathe negative advice, i still get "oh 4 is a handful" when my 4th is 8!! Or teenagers are dreadful. How does that help?? I just say "no, i love my teenager & she still loves me" as i would not have it any other way. Side line comments are more about their issues, not yours!! Love Posie

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

You are so right, Shar... How often I wished I could pause the time just so that I could have my daughter stay the way she is for much longer... So precious, our little ones, aren't they?