Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lovely Julie from Mama of 2 Boys has passed me the baton in the
'5 Things You'd Notice About Me' relay.

So, five things you might notice if you met me...

1. I put myself down a lot.
(As in my immediate first five thoughts for this list were flaws.)
I know it's annoying and pathetic. When I grow up, I don't wanna do it no more. K?

2. I interrupt. All. the. time.
I know it's annoying and pathetic. When I grow up, I don't wanna do it no more. K?

3. I am colour coordinated (I would hope).
I'm a stickler for matchy matchyness and having my shoes/earrings/undies coordinate with my outfit. Nothing I wear is 'thrown on' without a thought. Even if I say it is.
I know it's annoying and pathetic. But I like it. K?

4. I have interesting or memorable or something hair.
People tend to comment on my hair. A lot. Of course, I can't take a compliment so I mutter stupid things about what's wrong with it or that my hairdresser is a flippin miracle worker. (Which she is.)
That second bit is annoying and pathetic. When I grow up, I'll just say "thanks".

5. I have to do something with my hands at all times.
Usually, I don't actually know what to do with them, so I do silly things like make a little mound out of the crumbs I've dropped on the table while I'm talking/listening. So then my guest does the same and then I worry that she thinks I'm all OCD about the crumbs on the table, but really I just needed something to do with my hands. You still with me here? This is the single reason that I drink too much at functions/ weddings / parties/ dinners/ interviews... Honest.
I know it's annoying and pathetic... yada yada yada.

So there.
I've run my leg.
Time to pass the baton on.
Here it comes...
Peggy @ cake crumbs and beach sand
Michelle @ Farmer's Wifey
Teresa @ Amelie In Wonderland
Naomi @ Under The Yardarm
Alex @ Woah Mumma

Shar :-)


Jane said...

Shar, you really are too funny. Chuckling in Hobart, my friend! I relate to #5 a lot ☺. J x

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

But I still love you, Shar :) Flaws and all! LOL

And yes, you have gorgeous hair! And you are beautiful.

No... not allowed to reply ;)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Ahhh you're just awesome, idiosyncrasies and all :o)
Colour coordinated here too... I know, it's pathetic.
I literally have to smack myself from interrupting in conversations... THAT is a shocking habit of mine.
I also can't stop with the hands, quite the affliction at times.
AND I can NEVER take a compliment graciously. For as long as I can remember I always push the credit back onto something or someone else if a compliment is flung my way... it annoys me so it must annoy other people :o/
Thanks for playing along, love learning more about my fave bloggers xo

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

OMG I love you Shar - you are such an orginal ;) xxx

Kate Sins said...

I love that you're an interrupter! I come from a long line of them - am hoping that now I've recognised it I can.make.myself.stop.